Your email marketing goals for 2017

This post was written by Ellen Hart, who works as a Content Executive for our partner, dotmailer.

Enough of the “new year, new me” assertions – we want to show you how to turn your New Year’s resolution into a real response. 2017 demands a faster, smarter, better approach to email marketing as we move further into an ever-saturating era of digital industry history. For the retailer, 2017 will see savvier shopping, an increased use of tech in marketing strategy, and consumer prioritization of the extraordinary experience. Your business needs to be ready to meet expectations. This smart, speedy, and actionable blog will help you give your email marketing strategy a boost for 2017; let’s take a look!

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The benefits of using an enterprise-level ecommerce search solution

The transition from mid-level to enterprise-level retail is often a painful and complex journey, involving a major shift in thinking in terms of ecommerce platforms, strategy and investment. A big part of this is selecting the right technology to help the business operate in a scalable, efficient way - ranging from your ERP or order management system to your eCommerce platform.

Although your eCommerce platform is often the obvious start when looking to build an enterprise-level online retail operation, there’s no platform that tickets all the boxes - so you’ll still need to think about solutions for core on-site functions, such as reporting, merchandising, payment processing and, as we’ll be focusing on, on-site search, as well as other integrations.

In this article, we look at enterprise-level search solutions and look specifically at the benefits that more advanced solutions can bring to a store. Although lots of the enterprise platforms claim to offer an advanced, enterprise-level search function, none of them offer the top-level enterprise features around language processing, merchandising and self-learning capabilities. For anyone involved in the decision-making process surrounding eCommerce site search, understanding the tangible benefits of using a third-party eCommerce search solution can help to justify the associated cost.


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Bandwagon of conversational commerce


In this article, I am sharing my thoughts on conversational commerce, with a particular focus on online shopping. I share views on an evolution of shopping, role of conversations, and how are we bringing them to online shopping. We here refer to all of us who are contributing to the ecosystem of online shopping.

Conversational commerce has become a popular trend. Chris Messina was so right in seeing it through FB messenger bots, UBER and Whatsapp. Let's examine the key tenets of conversations and how online shopping is shaping up towards embracing social embryo.

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Current Trends In Ecommerce Site Search

The ecommerce landscape is changing dramatically, with retailers making constant leaps forward, such as Amazon’s trials of drone deliveries, and the slightly less ‘Brave New World’ concept of same-day delivery. Whilst these are at the very edge of ecommerce development, there are many more, small but incrementally significant steps that retailers are taking to drive forward ecommerce in today’s competitive market. With customer experience sitting at the heart of much ecommerce strategy, it’s vital that it keep pace with surrounding technologies, especially site search. In this article, we review some key trends in ecommerce site search, and highlight why they are important for online retail.

Search as a primary navigation


By far the majority of online stores still use a traditional, horizontal ‘main menu’ as their primary navigation, relying on customers to accept a category-based browsing route to shopping. Online heavyweights like Amazon, John Lewis and eBay have, for a long time, used an alternative approach, putting search at the heart of site navigation. Ask most people how they shop on either of these sites, and they will say that they simply type what they’re looking for into the search bar.

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Benefits of Using Natural Language Processing in Ecommerce Site Search

If you are running an ecommerce business, and you’re serious about providing a flawless on-site search experience, then natural language processing (NLP) is definitely something that you should be considering. No longer reserved for the search engine giants, NLP is making dramatic inroads into ecommerce site search, and bringing with it significant benefits for switched-on merchants.

From humble beginnings in academic applications, NLP has, over the years, become the dominant search methodology for mainstream search engines like Google and Bing. Looking back to the 1990s, AskJeeves was perhaps somewhat ahead of the curve, in the way it encouraged users to ask questions as if speaking to a human. This meaning-based approach is at the heart of NLP, and is today central to Google’s search algorithms, replacing the earlier keywords-driven approach to search.

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Search Requirements for a B2B Retailer

Klevu work with a number of successful B2B retailers, who sell large volumes to trade customers and distributors through their ecommerce store. B2B customers often have completely different requirements around ecommerce and this is no different for search. So, after a few recent B2B implementations, we thought we’d write a piece focused on some of the functionality that we’ve built into our product in order to cater for our B2B customers.

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7 requirements for an enterprise-level search solution

Every year, eCommerce technologies and platforms become more and more sophisticated, and delivery speeds increase exponentially. This increased sophistication and speed continues to drive up customer expectations, with today’s consumers looking for an effortless shopping experience that really connects with them on an individual level to deliver a personalised, relevant purchasing journey. One area where technology and innovation is making a significant impact in ecommerce UX and conversion improvements is in on-site search. This article takes a look at some of the key requirements for retailers looking for an enterprise-level search solution for their ecommerce stores.

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Klevu Partner Interview with Lewis Sellers of Pinpoint

As part of a new interview series, we wanted to invite one of our key partners, Pinpoint, and more specifically their owner, Lewis Sellers to answer some questions on our blog. Lewis and Pinpoint have helped us deliver very positive search improvements to a number of their clients, including The Soccer Store, The Green Reaper and MonsterShop.


Pinpoint are a full-service eCommerce agency, specializing in Magento design and build projects and digital marketing consultancy. They have a core team of 14 and work with merchants of all sizes from all over the world.

We asked Lewis a number of questions about Pinpoint, their clients, their team and about their experience of being a Klevu partner so far.

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