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Features for B2B stores

Pricing per customer groups

Klevu allows merchants to show the assigned customer group prices in search without requiring to do any specific work.

B2B stores will typically have multiple customer groups - allowing for different pricing and discounts. These customers will see prices based on the allocation from the store, instead of a one-price-fits-all price and this context also needs to be handled within search.

Products per customer groups

In B2B stores, it often happens that merchant needs to show several products to certain visitors and hide them from other ones. Klevu automatically handles this scenario in search without requiring to do any specific work.

Searching for SKU

Providing the option to search directly for a product code (i.e. SKU) is often a very important feature for B2B retailers and something that we’ve allowed for. Klevu users can simply allow the option to show SKU within the search results in the admin configuration panel.

Native search results page

B2B stores often also want search landing pages to look exactly the same as any other category landing page, in order to keep the experience consistent, as the difference in experience across page templates can confuse customers. Using Klevu, you can just select the 'Preserve theme layout' option in the configuration panel in the Magento admin area to enable this feature (without making any CSS changes).

Instant faceted search

Customers of B2B stores are often looking for specific products and want to be able to quickly filter the results to narrow down to particular choices. Klevu tackles this challenge by providing multiple options in a structural UI for search results. Our customers refer to it as instant faceted search.

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