Benefits of being a Klevu partner

Become a Klevu Partner

Offer your clients state-of-the-art AI + NLP-powered search and navigation platform

Become a Klevu Partner

Engage with an ever-evolving, game-changing technology for a competitive advantage

Become a Klevu Partner

Increase conversions and grow your client’s bottom-line

Become a Klevu Partner

Co-market together at events, blogs, webinars, and more

Become a Klevu Partner

Enjoy tailored discounts and referral commission as partner incentives

Become a Klevu Partner

Learn valuable insights from our partnership leaders and marketing experts

Become a Klevu Partner

Deliver a customized user experience with personalized features and solutions

Become a Klevu Partner

Receive in-depth, technical product training and strategy consultation

Become a Klevu Partner

Automate your search and merchandising efforts and minimize manual workload

Here’s why companies across the globe
love partnering with us

Statement Agency


Klevu has been an excellent addition to our tech partner roster and is now one of our first recommendations we make to our clients! We’ve been immensely impressed with the results we’ve seen especially with the merchandising capabilities and the various forms of automation.

Dan Conboy
Managing Director

ELS Media

We've worked with Klevu on several projects and has become our preferred search provider for several reasons; from the seamless integration, responsive support team, to the ability to support customizations where needed!

Charles Sellers
Managing Director

We Make Websites

After working with a number of search partners, we started using Klevu about a year ago and have not looked back since. We now have 5-10 customers either using or in the integration process and our clients’ have been pleased with the entire process! ---- We Make Websites

Tim Richardson
Head of Growth

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