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Getting Started with Klevu: 4 Steps to On-Site Search Success

by Klevu on

If you’re looking for a way to deliver the best search experience to your customers, Klevu is a simple and effective solution to make on-site search available for all retailers.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how simple it is to get set up with Klevu. By showing you how you can deliver a great search experience in just 4 easy steps, we hope you’ll see why Klevu is the best choice for your business.

Step 1: Integration

Before you can start delivering better search, you need to get set up. And that means integrating Klevu with your brand’s different platforms.

There are a number of ways to do this, each one suited to a different platform. Whether your store operates online, via an app, or both, all you need to do is pick the methods that are right for your business.

To keep things simple, we offer a plug and play integration for the following popular platforms:

No need to worry if you don’t see your chosen platform on the list. We offer integration support for all other platforms such as WordPress and BigCommerce, even if you operate using a custom store. And if your store has an app, our Developer API integration has got you covered, too.

All the help you need is laid out clearly in our Knowledge Base. But just in case, you can always contact our support team. They’ll be happy to help you get set up and ready to deliver a rewarding search experience for your shoppers.

Step 2: Adjust your settings using KMC

Once Klevu is integrated with your store, you’ll be able to access it’s features using the Klevu Merchant Center (KMC).

The beauty of Klevu is that it is entirely automated by default, with the added option to manually tweak any aspect that you want via the Dashboard. Some of the settings you can adjust in the dashboard include the following:

  • Customization

With dedicated tabs for adjusting the visual layout of the search box and search results, customization is a breeze. From price to merchandising rules, you have full control over what your customers see. And our personalization tools, which oversee recommended products – mean you can choose what individual shoppers see, too.

  • Promotions

With Klevu’s promotion tools, you can override the machine learning and apply your own business logic, instead. As a result, Klevu’s search engine can boost products from your merchandising campaigns. You can also set merchandising rules, manage keywords and choose banners that direct site visitors towards campaigns and boosted products.

And when customers see products that are relevant to them, they’re less likely to bounce.

  • Synonyms

While our AI is great at learning what customers want, you can also add in manual synonyms for any search item you like. For example, you might want to do this for keywords that show up no results. This is a great way to make sure every shopper can find what they’re looking for.

  • Category Navigation

This add-on feature from Klevu takes away the manual work of merchandising. If you have this enabled, you can use this panel to set up Klevu’s search engine to automatically rank and categorize items in your search results.                                                                                                                                                               

Step 3: Analyze your data

It’s important to measure the success of your search strategy. Klevu makes this easy with built-in analytical tools in the Klevu Merchant Center.

Our Overall Search Statistics page is particularly useful. There, you can access an overview of the following:

  • Total searched queries
  • Total product clicks
  • Locations within a 40 mile radius
  • Total conversions from search
  • Most sold products from search

It also displays a list of keywords that customers used to discover each of your products, so you always know exactly how your customers are finding them.

Step 4: Grow

After a while with Klevu, the analytical tools will help you see how well your search is performing, highlighting your successes and identifying areas for improvement.

On-site search can even help you find untapped sources of revenue. For example, by identifying high search figures for things you do not stock, you are able to respond by introducing brands and products that you know customers already want.

And once you’re armed with this data, you can use it to set new goals and strategies. Popular keywords, for example, can be used to choose google ad words and hone your SEO.

By responding to the data collected by Klevu, you can be sure your on-site search is always performing optimally. And as we’ve shown, Klevu can inform business decisions beyond search, too. Shoppers will be delighted by the changes you make, and your store will continue to grow over time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


At Klevu, we’ve worked hard to make it easy for you to deliver the best search experience for your customers.

With our collection of helpful resources, guides, integration tools and the simple interface of the Klevu Merchant Center, anyone can deliver great search with Klevu.

If you’d like to learn more about the features discussed in this article, contact us to schedule a demo.

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