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Product Discovery Suite

Klevu’s Discovery Suite is the only solution suite of its kind to use data from search and includes a range of solutions to balance AI and strategic control, is quick and easy to install, and compatible with all eCommerce platforms. Klevu is also API first, allowing ultra flexible methods of integration and customisations.

Centralise your conversion engine

Centralise your conversion engine

We believe that the best way to power your website conversion is through data gathered from search. No segments, no theories. Simply real shopper intent data powering your merchandising and product recommendations site-wide.

Using one provider for site-wide product discovery makes sense. And having one vendor responsible for ecommerce conversion makes things work better. Make it Klevu.

Conversion rate through search
Site searches account for up to 14% of all revenue
of visitors will perform an on-site search

Klevu is a leading edge technology combining deep AI technical expertise and well thought design resulting in superb experience for eCommerce managers and shoppers

Case Study Collaborative - Klevu CustomersKlevu AI magic

Hear from, Soak & Sleep and Cluse about how Klevu AI magic helps them thrive.

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