Discovered Magazine: CLV Edition

Proven Strategies to Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value

How can retailers best engage customers to ensure a magnetic customer experience and place safe bets on higher CLV?

In this edition of Discovered Magazine, we explore the main levers that can influence customer lifetime value including first party data, marketing automation, omnichannel, website experience, personalization, reviews, privacy, loyalty, customer service, payment and more.

We hope it entertains and inspires.

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According to Ewan McIntyre of Gartner, “The COVID-19 crisis has shifted focus from customer acquisition to customer retention and growth”. Similarly, Forrester predicts that “spend on loyalty and retention will increase by 30% as retailers assert control over the full customer lifecycle.”

Download this edition to hear from experts about how to optimize your strategy over this peak trading season to maximize the traffic you’re getting to your website, and encourage new customers to become repeat customers.

Table of Contents

  • Klaviyo talks about how to use data to build more valuable relationships
  • Gorgias discusses how customer service can create advocates and drive up CLV
  • Klarna drives home the importance of loyalty
  • Petah Marian talks about how chaos affects retail and forecasting
  • Klevu talks about ecommerce personalization in the privacy age
  • Trustpilot talks about smart ways to use reviews to improve CX
  • Juliana Jackson talks through her best post-purchase email flow
  • BigCommerce discusses how to reduce friction online
  • Cate Trotter talks about the role of omnichannel to influence CLV
Klevu: Table of Contents

Retailers mentioned in this edition include


“The lack of valuable content, post-purchase personalization, and dirty data cause most DTC brands to churn 75-80% of their customers after just one order.”

Juliana Jackson, CLV Expert and Discovered Magazine Contributor
Find out how to delight customers and increase CLV from Juliana and many more experts in this edition of Discovered Magazine.

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