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Can you spare 30 minutes to increase conversion by 15%?

According to the Baymard institute, shoppers will abandon a website if they can’t find what they are looking for. And for 56% of retailers, their search experiences are just not surfacing stock they have.

We’re on a mission to fix that. So, we are offering a free Product Discovery Audit to any ecommerce business. Our methodology, proven to increase conversion by 15%.

Request a free audit and you will get:

  • A 30-minute analysis of your website (plus a fancy spreadsheet we can send you afterward, a $900 value)
  • Ideas, inspiration, and awareness of where you can improve, plus how you compare to other retailers.
  • A recording of the Product Discovery Audit, easy for you to share with colleagues or your board.

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The Klevu Product Discovery Audit Process


Klevu will review your website’s search, navigation, mobile, product recommendations and personalization


A product discovery specialist will review the findings, show you areas where you can improve including live examples


The session will include information about where you sit in the market, and time for Q&A.


Sharable and actionable analysis for you packaged up so it’s easy to share with colleagues.

Retailers who’ve implemented our suggestions


decrease in search refinements and 5% increase in conversion


increase in search-led


increase in search-led

What exactly will be audited?

Usability and relevance

  • Can the search engine process natural language and misspellings?
  • Is the search box clearly visible on page load on mobile and desktop?
  • Does the site enable voice activated search?
  • Does the site enable image-based search?
  • Does the search box make it clear what users can search for?
  • Does search overlay display multiple content formats in the visual display?
  • On search results, what happens when there are zero results for a searched term?
Usability and relevance
Navigation and merchandising

Navigation and merchandising

  • Can the user change the product set being displayed on listing pages by using product attribute filters?
  • Can the user can change the product set being displayed on Categories by using product attribute filters?
  • Does the search engine crawl and display content as well as product results?
  • Are contextually relevant marketing banners displayed in listing pages or search overlay?

Product recommendations

  • Does the website offer recently viewed products?
  • Does the website offer product recommendations on homepage?
  • Does the website offer product recommendations on product listing pages, e.g. search results or category pages?
  • Does the website offer product recommendations on product detail pages?
  • Does the website offer personalized product recommendations?
Product recommendations