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Artificial intelligence in action, simplicity delivered!

Natural language processing

Klevu adds contextually relevant synonyms to your catalog in meta data format.

Self learning search

Klevu continuously learns how shoppers interact with search on the store.

Advanced merchandising

Select and prioritize the products you want promoted in the search.

Actionable search insights

Use a 360 degree analysis of search patterns to drive traffic.

OCO Glass

+2,039% sessions with search

Over a 12 month period.

"Even though we are a small business, people expect an enterprise level standard. People want a great one-to-one service which we deliver by being a boutique, in store. Klevu Search helps us achieve an enterprise level standard on our online store. Klevu are delivering a search service which helps merchants grow."


19.8% increase in revenue

“We’ve seen a marked improvement on conversion rates and revenue since implementing Klevu’s search solution.”

John Slater
Digital Marketing Manager

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