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Join Klevu’s partner program and tap into our trusted ecosystem of ecommerce agencies and technology companies across the globe. We are committed to helping our partners create a best-in-class search & product discovery experience for their clients. Become a partner and continue to push the boundaries with Klevu.

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Benefits of being a Klevu partner:

  • Offer your clients a state-of-the-art AI + NLP-powered search and navigation platform.
  • Engage with an ever-evolving, game-changing technology for a competitive advantage.
  • Increase conversions and grow your client’s bottom line.
  • Co-market together at events, blogs, webinars, and more.
  • Enjoy tailored discounts and referral commissions as partner incentives.
  • Learn valuable insights from our partnership leaders and marketing experts.
  • Deliver a customized user experience with personalized features and solutions.
  • Receive in-depth, technical product training and strategy consultation.
  • Automate your search and merchandising efforts and minimize manual workload

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decrease in search refinements and
5% increase in conversion


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