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Partner referrals

Let us know if you brought us a customer

Please submit the following referral form to Klevu’s Partnership Team when you are referring to Klevu’s solution to a merchant or client.

In order for our team to accurately track leads and assign proper credit to our partners, we ask that you kindly submit this form upon the first reference of our technology or otherwise the earliest point of discussion to your client. This can include referring Klevu in consultations, including our technology within proposals, or insisting upon seeing a demo. These forms go directly to Klevu’s Partnership Managers, who will be in touch with you shortly after your submission!

What to expect:

  • Introduction to a Product Specialist to assist you and/or the merchant
  • Track the referral throughout all stages of the deal
  • Ensure credit for Partner Referral Commission
  • A personalized, live demonstration of our technology and platform
  • Access to Klevu’s technical team and solution engineers
  • Establish a point of contact for anything and everything you may need