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With almost 20 years specialising in contemporary kitchenware, Joseph Joseph is internationally recognised for producing some of the most stylish and technically innovative kitchen products available.

Joseph Joseph wanted to translate the premium look and feel of their unique products onto their Shopify site and ensure that online visitors can navigate the site easily, are able to find what they are looking for and overall have a positive shopping experience that keeps them coming back

The perfect extension to a small ecommerce team 

Recent change in Joseph Joseph’s small ecommerce team led to limited recourse and capacity and therefore fuelled the need for additional project management support, and expertise for their website redesign.

Joseph Joseph chose to work with London based, ecommerce consultancy, Vervaunt due to their industry reputation and knowledge of the ecommerce landscape. While Vervuant managed and governed the redesign project from a technical perspective, Shopify Plus Agency, By Association Only (BAO) undertook the development work. Known for their strong visual design expertise and previous experience in creating clean, aesthetically pleasing websites BAO were the perfect fit for the Joseph Joseph project.

Using Klevu data to back up business decisions

Klevu’s natural language processing ability is also able to detect search term misspellings and still draw relevant results for the customer ensuring that zero ‘no results found’ pages are given and the customer has the best search experience possible. For example when searching for ‘knide’ or ‘nife’ the Joseph Joseph site will show a range of knives. The analytics tools in the Klevu Merchant Center provide insights into which products Joseph Joseph customers are searching for.

Joseph Joseph could see that ‘Knives’ was the most searched for product on the site however they were unable to sell knives online at this point due to legality reasons. Search data allowed the team to quantify the demand and supported the project to relaunch knives allowing Joseph Joseph to capitalise on this sooner and improve customer satisfaction.

“We wanted to make sure search was a prominent part of the journey so customers are able to interact with the site as easily as possible. If Joseph Joseph weren’t already using Klevu, we would have pointed them in this direction”

Joseph Joseph George Linton
George Linton Head of Growth at BAO

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Feature focus

Facilitating a product catalogue with two ranges

When customers use search, the products in the core range are displayed first. This control over the order in which products are displayed, actively drives sales of the core range. Products in the DUO range however can still be found when a customer specifically searches for ‘DUO’.

Utilising Synonyms within Klevu

Klevu’s synonyms functionality has also helped Joseph Joseph ensure the right search results are appearing for customers regardless of their search term. For example, if a user were to search for ‘cutting boards’, chopping boards would appear.

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