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Multilingual Capabilities
Localize at scale with Klevu multilingual capabilities

Klevu uses advanced natural language processing and localized machine learning to determine what shoppers precisely want in almost any language. Those language and cultural preferences are nuanced and impossible to get right with manual merchandising. Klevu AI automatically learns from local shoppers to display products most likely to convert in specifically each region.

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Site Search Languages
Support global ecommerce strategies instantly

Out-of-the-box Klevu site search features such as self-learning, word boundaries, stopwords, partial match, and synonym management are supported in almost all languages, meaning that retailers anywhere in the world can benefit from multilingual search right away.

Indexing and Querying
Inflected Words Normalization
Automated Synonym Enrichment
Decoupling Compound Words
Advanced Query Processing
All other languages

Globalize at scale with Klevu Multilingual and localized merchandising

smart search
Advanced site search in almost all languages

Using advanced natural language processing, and localized machine learning, Klevu brings relevant results in any language or mixed language searches.

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Merchandise differently in each region automatically

Machine learning dynamically optimizes category pages using shopper intent data from each region, and allows for strategic merchandising from the admin panel.

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Inspire shoppers with relevant localized product recommendations

Choose from various automated strategies driven by machine learning, and pin and filter products with precision control by region.

Built to understand and enrich product data

Natural Language Processing
Built to understand and enrich product data

Automatically and manually add synonyms, normalize measurements, and index that enriched data in real-time to expand your product data by 2-3x without any manual work in English, French, Swedish, Finnish, and Spanish.

Machine Learning
Market the right products to a local audience automatically

Klevu’s unique strengths in linguistics and advanced AI meets shopper needs in whatever language they use to search. Klevu AI learns on an individual store level to understand shopper intent in different territories and automatically reflect localized results.

Market the right products to a local audience automatically
Easily copy merchandising rules between regional stores

Category Merchandising
Easily copy merchandising rules between regional stores

Merchandising teams can easily copy merchandising rules across all stores or apply different business logic to specific store contexts.

Case Study: Eurokangas
How an omnichannel retailer doubled click through rates online in 2-weeks with Klevu Discovery Suite

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Case Study: Sarah Raven
Dr Barbara Sturm used Klevu AI search and merchandising to achieve 61% click-to-conversion rate

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Case Study: Monrovia
B2B plant retailer Monrovia saw a 50% increase in use of on-site search with Klevu

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Case Study: Laura Mercier and BareMinerals
Personalized Klevu search improves conversion and engagement rates for Bare Minerals and Laura Mercier

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Case Study: The Cambridge Satchel Co.
How The Cambridge Satchel Co leveraged Klevu AI to achieve 3x conversion rates

the cambridge satchel co

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