Klevu has been positioned in the inaugural 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Search and Product Discovery

Klevu has been positioned in the inaugural 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Search and Product Discovery

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A Headless Product Discovery Platform
Klevu: Like a supercomputer powering your product discovery

Klevu is 100% MACH-Certified enterprise search and discovery technology. Featuring more advanced AI features out-of-the-box than Algolia, Bloomreach, or Constructor, and easier and faster integration, Klevu is the best choice for efficient ecommerce teams.

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Klevu Like a supercomputer powering your product discovery

Trusted by the world’s leading brands and retailers

Case Study: Topps Tiles
Topps Tiles: The Search for A Discovery Tool


Case Study: Eurokangas
How an omnichannel retailer doubled click through rates online in 2-weeks with Klevu Discovery Suite

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Case Study: Sarah Raven
Dr Barbara Sturm used Klevu AI search and merchandising to achieve 61% click-to-conversion rate

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Case Study: Monrovia
B2B plant retailer Monrovia saw a 50% increase in use of on-site search with Klevu

monrovia case study

Case Study: Laura Mercier and BareMinerals
Personalized Klevu search improves conversion and engagement rates for Bare Minerals and Laura Mercier

laura mercier bare minerals

The most advanced product discovery platform

smart search
State-of-the-art AI ecommerce search engine

Generate more search-led revenue with the most advanced ecommerce search underpinned by NLP and machine learning.

cat merch
Merchandise your ecommerce categories better

Easy-to-use interface for your merchandising teams to automate and curate campaigns.

Inspire shoppers with your product recommendations

Choose from various automated strategies driven by machine learning, and pin and filter products with precision control by region.

MACH-Certified Product Discovery Matrix

Klevu is the most advanced product discovery platform designed specifically for ecommerce, and one of the most comprehensive, featured in the Gartner Market Guide for Digital Commerce Search and Forrester Commerce Product Discovery Landscape. The data in the following table has been gathered from those sources, as well as the websites of the vendors.

Geolocation-based search
Multiple search languages supported
Visual Search (image recognition based)
Semantic query processing in a live search
Machine learning – unsupervised, semantic enrichment of product catalog on import
Machine learning – Supervised and unsupervised learning techniques with deep neural networks
Voice search supported
Visual merchandising tools
Product recommendations engine including contextual, product substitution, and complimentary
Personalization on a one-to-one level
B2B: SKU search
B2B: Advanced data cleansing, normalization, and enrichment
B2B: Customer group controls
B2B: Dimensional transformation including weights and measures

Ecommerce Technology
Become truly data-driven with Klevu AI technology

Don’t just collect data. Act on it in real-time and become truly data-driven. Featured in the Gartner Market Guide for Digital Commerce Search and Forrester Commerce Product Discovery Landscape.

Machine Learning Technology Icon

Machine Learning

Customize algorithms to suit your goals. Clicks, purchases, and product reviews influence the AI to optimize results, dynamically driving more revenue.

Natural Language Processing Technology Icon

Natural Language Processing

Your shoppers deserve the most advanced linguistic processing to help them find what they want on your website.

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Using clickstream, segmentation, and collaborative filtering, you can use Klevu to personalize even new and anonymous web visitors.

Advanced Ecommerce AI
Built from the ground up by ecommerce and AI engineers

Klevu AI offers the most advanced capabilities out-of-the-box, built specifically for ecommerce by AI engineers, whilst other companies have acquired several technologies to patchwork together.

Powering your conversion growth with relevancy and data driven strategies
Excellent developer experience and support

Excellent developer experience, merchant experience and support

Klevu provides the best of both to businesses – Excellent merchant experience with easy-to-use controls and responsive support, while also offering full API coverage, SDKs, and in-depth documentation to help developers easily build wildly converting experiences.

Better for B2B
Better B2B features for ecommerce

Klevu provides the tools the B2B ecommerce businesses need out-of-the-box, such as SKU search, automated data normalization and enrichment, and customer group controls.

Better B2B features for ecommerce

Architecture & Infrastructure
Scale your store with cloud-native and headless technology

Unlock limitless scalability and agility for your ecommerce store with our cutting-edge headless architecture and our secure, cloud-native infrastructure.

Headless Architecture Icon

Klevu is the most advanced AI product discovery technology in the MACH Alliance. We challenge how modern retailers, brands, and solution integrators think about headless architecture.

Security & Cloud Infrastructure Icon

Scalable, fast, and secure, Klevu offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, real-time status reporting, global data centers for failovers and load balancing, and dedicated infrastructure options.

Ecommerce Integrations
Easily connect Klevu AI with your ecommerce platform

Advanced AI technology isn’t just for giants like Amazon anymore. Ensure a smooth development process with Klevu documentation and 24/7 support. Effortlessly build your own integration using our SDKs and APIs or use our pre-built ecommerce connectors and JavaScript library.

Ecommerce Audit

Ecommerce Search & Discovery Platform
Uncover growth opportunities for your ecommerce business

  • Grow revenue with better search & product discovery
    Increase revenue per web session by 37% with Klevu Search & Product Discovery Platform.
  • Continuously optimize and drive growth faster
    Deliver relevant search & product discovery results with Klevu’s powerful and personable search, merchandising, and recommendation engine built exclusively for ecommerce.
  • Understand customers on every level
    With Klevu’s deep integrations with your ecommerce platform, our AI can understand nuances based on customer behavior and intentions which you can analyze.

Client Testimonials
Here’s why retailers Heart Icon Klevu

“We’ve found that using Klevu AI increases AOV, on site customer experience, CLV, and ROAS.”

Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan Director of Digital at Seasalt Cornwall

“Now with Klevu, we have time and resources available to focus on scaling the business.”

Rachael Maine
Rachael Maine Digital Product Owner at Avon

“Klevu really works out of the box. We have been impressed by the flexibility of the APIs – straightforward, well documented, stable and working as advertised.”

Jakub Halva
Jakub Halva Head of Operations at Tom & Co

“Klevu has allowed us to bring a feature set to our client that allows their customers to shop more efficiently.”

Andrew Potkewitz
Andrew Potkewitz Group Director at Overdose

Support Services
Technology that works and people who care

You don’t have to do it alone. Ensure you have a support team by your side that is highly responsive, knowledgeable, and hard-working.

Let’s grow together

Take the next step, tell us your goals, and let us exceed them together.