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Ecommerce Personalization Software
Privacy-first, 1:1 personalization engine using behavioral data

Discover the Klevu AI personalization engine for search, category merchandising, and product recommendations. Klevu helps shoppers notice just the thing they are looking for, without complicated segments or manual processes, even for new or anonymous web visitors.

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Personalization Engine
Actions speak louder than segments

Klevu believes that personalization doesn’t require personal data and that shopper privacy is a high price to pay for a good experience. With Klevu, AI is intent-centric. It allows shopper clickstream to influence product merchandising, showing shoppers the items they want to see at that moment.

Utilize 1:1 ecommerce personalization tools

Site Search
Boost sales with site search personalization

Transform search data into revenue-boosting strategies and dig deeper into search behavior than you can in Google Analytics.

Category Merchandising
Convert shoppers faster with personalized merchandising

Make valuable connections between search and merchandising and use the data to inform your strategy.

Product Recommendations
Increase conversions with personalized product recommendations

Track the key metrics of all product recommendations banners and strategies site-wide.

Search Results Personalization
Personalize the product order of search results

When a search happens, Klevu identifies the shopper’s intent and matches their behavior to the behavior of others using the Klevu platform. Klevu then uses clickstream data to re-order products within subsequent search results.

Category Page Personalization
Curate and automatically personalize category pages

For category pages, personalization is designed to reset after a short period of time, in line with Google’s own personalization policy. This ensures relevancy and helps shoppers not get stuck in a filter bubble when browsing.

Personalized Product Recommendations
Keep product recommendations fresh and relevant

Auto-populate product recommendations strategies with products tailored to individual shoppers. Choose the time-window preference best of your industry, and delight your shoppers with continuously fresh and relevant recommendations.

Personalization Technology Features
Everything you need to make every product discovery personal

Power user-friendly personalized product discovery with easy-to-use controls, automation, and a fully composable front end.

One-to-one Personalization

Personalize product ordering for each individual shopper and specify filters to use for personalization.

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Visual GUI Editor

Easily switch off or on for individual Klevu products, and edit how the solution looks and works using pre-built templates.

Klevu machine learning matches clickstream and purchase behavior across the Klevu platform, industry-wide, and recommends products trending amongst similar types of shoppers.

Convert searches and clicks to purchases using Klevu and connected email and SMS service providers to personalize content based on clickstream, collaborative filtering, and CRM segmentation data.

Support Services
Technology that works and people that care

You don’t have to do it alone. Ensure you have a support team by your side that is highly responsive, knowledgeable and hard-working.

Support Services

Client Testimonials
Here’s why retailers Klevu

“We’ve found that using Klevu AI increases AOV, on site customer experience, CLV, and ROAS.”

Tim Ryan Director of Digital at Seasalt Cornwall

“Now with Klevu, we have time and resources available to focus on scaling the business.”

Rachel Maine, Avon
Rachael Maine Digital Product Owner at Avon

“Klevu really works out of the box. We have been impressed by the flexibility of the APIs – straightforward, well documented, stable and working as advertised.”

Jakub Halva Head of Operations at Tom & Co

“Klevu has allowed us to bring a feature set to our client that allows their customers to shop more efficiently.”

Andrew Potkewitz Group Director at Overdose

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