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Service Credits SLA

KLEVU provides a guarantee of its hosted services including Search, Category Merchandising and Recommendations through this Service Level Agreement (“SLA”). This SLA is between KLEVU Oy (“Service Provider”) and the Customer that has a valid subscription. The changes in the SLA are not retroactive. This SLA remains valid while the Subscription to KLEVU hosted services  is active. This SLA outlines the guarantees for uptime provided from Service provider to the Customer.

Guarantees of uptime

  • The guaranteed uptime varies across subscription plans. Please refer to the subscription plan and/or Order Form for the applicable guaranteed uptime.

Service provider obligations

  • Service provider will always choose hosting providers for all its Services that have industry recognised audits undertake (such as ISO, SSAE) and have internationally recognised certifications (such as SOC1, SOC2, and PCI DSS).
  • Service provider will take all steps (including redundant hosting infrastructure) to ensure applicable SLA (i.e. guaranteed uptime). For example, Service provider replicates indexes across multiple data centers and serves requests via a load-balanced CDN-backed end-point.
  • Service provider will proactively inform any relevant and known Outage to the Customer via available broadcasting channel.
  • Service Provider will constantly monitor its infrastructure that delivers hosted services. Constant means every minute.
  • Service provider will acknowledge, to a reporter, any reported critical or high vulnerability within 24 hours of Service provider accessing the report.

Customer obligations

For the Customer to be eligible for invoice credits, the following compliances are required:

Cloud based integration:

  • The Customer will maintain the latest version of the plugin/app. In case of Feed based integration, Customer will ensure that the most up to date feed is in synch with Service Provider.
  • The Customer will integrate and use Service Provider scripts to call relevant hosted service  function as prescribed and expected by Service Provider.
  • In case of preserving the native layout, Customer will ensure that Service Provider’s API(s) are properly integrated. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure proper rendering of results on Search Results Landing Page (SRLP). The guidance for proper integration of APIs and SRLP are available from Service Provider’s knowledge base documentation and via technical support.
  • The Customer will ensure required memory allocation for relevant  functions, as applicable.

Dedicated search nodes

  • Where a dedicated setup is offered, the customer agrees to Klevu setting up a failover to its central cloud or in a data center located in a different region of its choice.

Integration via Search API

  • if using API, the customer agrees to use a load balanced endpoint or implementing a retry functionality to the failover servers.

Invoice credits

Invoice credits are calculated at the end of every month for the last 30 days based on Total Outage Period Minutes that are applicable to invoice credits. 

Invoice credits will be credited to future use of Klevu services. Credits are not exchanged or replaced by monetary compensation. Customers are obliged to pay Klevu invoices submitted for payment in full when due.

  • Total Outage Period Minutes is defined as the total number of minutes in a period of time during which Search Outage has occurred (at all times deducting  pre-scheduled planned maintenance outages).
  • Uptime % is defined as 1 –  (Total Outage Period Minutes / Total Minutes available in the Billing cycle) x 100
  • A Search Outage  is defined as when Klevu’s monitoring system has failed, on two consecutive attempts, to receive any response (including time-outs) from the load-balanced endpoints.
  • Since we allow multiple store views to be registered under one Klevu account (please see the plan terms), if two or more store views registered under the same account experience search outage at the same time, credit is calculated for one store view only.

An invoice credit will not be paid where:

  • the Customer has exceeded the usage limit of the applicable plan.
  • the Customer has failed to comply with general t&c’s or not paid for the applicable plan.
  • the Customer has failed to observe the compliances outlined in clause 3 of this agreement.
  • the Uptime % is greater than the guaranteed search uptime % outlined in your plan / Order Form.

Calculating invoice credit for service uptime:
  • Invoice Credit = Subscription Plan Price * Total Outage Period Minutes / Total Minutes available in the Billing cycle.
  • Maximum up to 20% of Plan price can be offered as Invoice Credit for uptime SLA.
Receiving the outage credits for uptime SLA:
  • Any outage credits are adjusted in the following month’s billing cycle. In case of an annual plan, they are credited in the following year’s invoice.
Calculating invoice credits for Support SLA:
  • Invoice Credit = Subscription Plan Price * Total number of times response time missed for P0 incidents*0.02
  • Maximum up to 10% of Plan price can be offered as Invoice Credits for Support SLA.
Receiving the credits for Support SLA:
  • Any credits are adjusted in the following month’s billing cycle. In case of an annual plan, they are credited in the following year’s invoice.

Changes in SLA

Service provider will provide at least 30 days’ notice for changes to the SLA that affect Customer’s plan. The changes will be sent to primary email, via KMC notification and applicable SLA webpage. In case, Customer does not agree to changes in SLA, Customer will have the right to terminate the subscribed Plan within 30 days of notice from the date of change in SLA.