Discover the latest trends for fashion ecommerce: Fashion Lookbook

Boost your Home & Garden ecommerce strategy: Home, Garden & DIY Lookbook

Discover the latest trends for fashion ecommerce: Fashion Lookbook

Boost your Home & Garden ecommerce strategy: Home, Garden & DIY Lookbook

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Faceted Navigation
Help shoppers drill down product results and browse effectively

Help shoppers filter product results with comprehensive and dynamic faceted navigation on search and category listing pages.

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Help shoppers drill down product results and browse effectively

Trusted by the world’s leading brands and retailers

Configure facets and filters for product results in the following solutions

smart search
Show relevant filters on search results listing pages

Display facets using any product attribute in your choice of location, including search overlay and search results.

cat merch
Manage and display only the facets you want to show on categories

Easily manage and maintain your facets on category pages on a global or category level.

Ecommerce Navigation
Create wildly converting product listing pages

Create faceted navigation experiences on search overlay, search results pages, and category pages. Easily create on the front end and manage them from the dashboard of Klevu Merchant Center.

Create wildly converting product listing pages
Customize facets and product attributes

Ecommerce Filters
Customize facets and product attributes

Add any attribute as a custom field, and you can choose whether or not you want it displayed on the front end as a facet. You can also decide whether or not these facets are searchable by your customers.

Filter Navigation
Pre-filter faceted navigation with search queries

Pre-filter search results listing pages with complex search queries, e.g. beige shoes size 37 under $50 will pre-filter results. Configure this to suit your needs.

Pre filter faceted navigation with search queries
Display facets in the search overlay

Search Autocomplete
Display facets in the search overlay

Choose from several simple pre-built layouts to display a range of information in the search overlay, right from the Klevu Merchant Center dashboard, or build your own using Klevu’s full coverage APIs.

Dynamic Filtering
Show only the most relevant facets to shoppers

Klevu automatically hides facets in product results when there are not any products that match that facet. Manage the ordering for facets from the Klevu Merchant Center dashboard.

Show only the most relevant facets to shoppers

Faceted Navigation
Smart faceted navigation that replaces native functionality

Power user-friendly personalized product discovery through relevant filters with easy-to-use controls, automation, and a fully composable front end.

Visual GUI Editor Icon

Visual GUI Editor

Easily switch off or on for individual Klevu products, and edit how the solution looks and works using pre-built templates.

Filter analytics

Reduce click to purchase by reviewing Filter Analytics to discover more about your shoppers’ preferences and use the data to optimize landing product listing pages.

Case Study: Topps Tiles
Topps Tiles: The Search for A Discovery Tool


Case Study: Eurokangas
How an omnichannel retailer doubled click through rates online in 2-weeks with Klevu Discovery Suite

eurokangas heroimage

Case Study: Sarah Raven
Dr Barbara Sturm used Klevu AI search and merchandising to achieve 61% click-to-conversion rate

Dr Barbara Creative with logo 922x1024

Case Study: Monrovia
B2B plant retailer Monrovia saw a 50% increase in use of on-site search with Klevu

monrovia case study

Case Study: Laura Mercier and BareMinerals
Personalized Klevu search improves conversion and engagement rates for Bare Minerals and Laura Mercier

laura mercier bare minerals

Client Testimonials
Here’s why retailers Klevu

“PUMA found that on average there was a 52% increase in search led conversions since Klevu.”

Klevu Headshot Heike Zenkel 1
Heike Zenkel Senior Team Head Global E-Commerce at Puma

“We chose Klevu because it was so easy to implement. We really liked the native templates available and the faceted navigation for search results. We have seen continued growth this year using Klevu, even during times when there may have normally been natural dips in sales. Klevu played a significant role in this.”

Klevu Headshot Matthew Jarrett
Matthew Jarrett Ecommerce Manager at Dartington Crystal

“We have already seen a massive improvement in what we could do vs what we couldn’t do before.”

Klevu Headshot Stuart Sykes
Stuart Sykes Head of Digital at A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd.

“We’ve found that using Klevu AI increases AOV, on site customer experience, CLV, and ROAS.”

Tim Ryan Director of Digital at Seasalt Cornwall

“With Klevu, we’ve nailed product discovery. We stock Australia’s largest range of A-N cup bras and that can be overwhelming at times. The positive story the data is telling supports that search has been a really helpful tool for our shopper to narrow our wide product range to a manageable set of choices.”

Klevu Headshot Wesley Blundy
Wes Blundy Founder and CEO at Curvy

“We needed a search that finds the right product with different keywords, as in year, grape, vendor, etc. Our former search solution couldn’t handle this many inputs and different information given through the name of the product.”

Klevu Headshot Patrick Wuthrich
Patrick Wüthrich E-Commerce Manager at Mövenpick Wein

“It’s so simple, we just made it easier for them to find what they want. The data drives our design. We’ll be doing more of that.”

Klevu Headshot Ken Shenkman
Ken Shenkman Founder and CTO at Bulk Candy Store

“The revenue and search data KPIs since we have been using Klevu are really strong and we are excited to see how we can further improve site search usage and drive subsequent customer orders and revenue.”

Klevu Headshot Aynsley Peet
Aynsley Peet Head of Ecommerce at Cox & Cox

“We got really good results without having to do too much work, which is great for us.”

Klevu Headshot Ella Carpenter
Ella Carpenter Manager at Lights4Fun

“With Klevu, we’ve been able to find that balance between commercial, merchandising, and conversion.”

Klevu Headshot Jana Lindner
Jana Lindler Senior Director Trade Manager at Seasalt Cornwall

“The data we get back from Klevu takes away the guesswork, and stops us having to rely on ‘hunches’.”

Klevu Headshot Antti Voutilainen
Antti Voutilainen Director of Ecommerce at Eurokangas

“Now with Klevu, we have time and resources available to focus on scaling the business.”

avon rachel maine
Rachael Maine Digital Product Owner at Avon

“The Klevu technology is great, and the support we get is even better.”

Klevu Headshot Pete Robertshaw
Pete Robertshaw eCommerce Specialist at Space48

“Klevu offers the best of best of all worlds: being AI driven but not being a black box. So it allows you to customize the results, or override the results, as well as the usual natural search you would expect. It’s the blend of all these things and the control that provides that is really powerful for our customers.”

Tom McCaul Founder & Director at Tom & Co

“Klevu came extremely highly recommended to us, not just from BigCommerce but from all vendors when we were going though the RFP process so it felt like an easy decision to make.”

sarah raven Headshot 1 e1668021037387
Sarah Raven Founder at Sarah Raven

“The most impressive thing we have seen so far is the 12% increase in conversions from sessions with searches. It’s only been a month and if we can see this kind of result right away, I know they are only just going to get better over time. This is really just the beginning. Working with Chris and the team has been instrumental to helping us put plans in place to keep improving.”

Klevu Headshot Alex McKenna
Alex McKenna Ecommerce Trading Manager at Soak&Sleep

“Klevu has allowed us to bring a feature set to our client that allows their customers to shop more efficiently.”

Klevu Headshot Andrew Potkewitz 3
Andrew Potkewitz Group Director at Overdose

“We’ve worked with Klevu for a long time to create a commerce experience that merchants and, more importantly, their customers deserve.”

Klevu Headshot Darin Lynch 5
Darin Lynch Founder and CEO at Irish Titan

“We share Klevu’s passion for product discovery, and love partnering with you all.”

Klevu Headshot Christopher Rothstein
Chris Rothstein Head of Strategic CX Partnerships at Gorilla Group

“Klevu offers a high level of customization, and the right amount of automation to achieve our client goals.”

Klevu Headshot Vlad Pavich 4
Vlad Pavich Founder and Managing Partner at Omnycode

“Philip Kingsley had very specific requirements for their advanced search and after reviewing the available options and solution providers, Klevu met all the requirements and was selected as the final advanced search solution.”

Klevu Headshot Lyndon Wright
Lyndon Wright CEO at 2buy1click
Ecommerce Audit

Ecommerce Search & Discovery Platform
Uncover growth opportunities for your ecommerce business

  • Grow revenue with better search & product discovery
    Increase revenue per web session by 37% with Klevu Search & Product Discovery Platform.
  • Continuously optimize and drive growth faster
    Deliver relevant search & product discovery results with Klevu’s powerful and personable search, merchandising, and recommendation engine built exclusively for ecommerce.
  • Understand customers on every level
    With Klevu’s deep integrations with your ecommerce platform, our AI can understand nuances based on customer behavior and intentions which you can analyze.

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Technology that works and people who care

You don’t have to do it alone. Ensure you have a support team by your side that is highly responsive, knowledgeable, and hard-working.

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