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Easily analyse within the following solutions

Site Search
Use site search data to enhance your ecommerce strategy

Transform search data into revenue-boosting strategies. Dig deeper into search behavior than you can in Google Analytics.

Category Merchandising
Uncover the true value of your category pages

Make valuable connections between search and merchandising. Use the data to inform your strategy.

Product Recommendations
Analyze the impact of product recommendations banners

Track the key metrics of all product recommendations banners and strategies site-wide.

Site Search KPIs
Monitor your key performance indicators

See your search click-through rate, conversion rate, and sales through search. Manage and monitor zero results. Document and report on changes as part of an optimization strategy.

Category Merchandising
Analyze the impact of your category pages

Discover how products are performing in various categories and performance overall. View the impact much easier than you can in Google Analytics.

Recommendation Strategies
See conversion rates by page and recommendation strategy

Track the key metrics of all product recommendations banners and strategies site-wide. Easily display a list of recommendations by page type, and see a breakdown of data from impressions to sales.

Faceted Navigation
Analyze how shoppers use filters on your website

Improve the customer journey on product listing pages. Learn more about your shoppers’ preferences by reviewing Filter Analytics. Reduce click-to-purchase.

Word Graph
Discover high-performing tactics

Make valuable connections between searched terms and use that data to merchandise. Uncover trending, high-intent short and longtail keywords and phrases to use in your ads or to support your SEO strategy.

Live View
Watch for trends in real time

See the top 10 most frequently clicked products and searched terms to help measure the impact of your campaigns in real-time. Explore locations where search traffic is coming from in real-time. Optimize your strategies to direct attention or resources to regionalized campaigns.

Case Study: Sarah Raven
Dr Barbara Sturm used Klevu AI search and merchandising to to achieve 61% click-to-conversion rate

Dr Barbara Creative with logo

Case Study: Craft Company
Sweet Success: How Craft Company boosts email revenue by 6% with Klevu & Klaviyo


Case Study: Monrovia
B2B plant retailer Monrovia saw a 50% increase in use of on-site search with Klevu

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Get Started with Analytics
Start analyzing key product discovery metrics

Discover elusive revenue-boosting connections using product discovery analytics tools.

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Conversion rate optimization

Monitor product discovery metrics by using Klevu Analytics together with Google Analytics as part of your CRO strategy.

Analytics dashboard

See changes to click rate, search volume, and filter usage. In-built monitoring to ensure that your tracking integration is performing correctly.

Influencer campaign tools

Monitor and track the impact of owned and earned influencer marketing. Monitor keyword campaigns for partnerships, and link up timestamps of posts to product searches on your website.

Filter analytics

Reduce click to purchase by reviewing Filter Analytics to discover more about your shoppers’ preferences and use the data to optimize landing product listing pages.

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Support Services

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