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Magento - Adobe Commerce Extension
Search & product discovery platform for Magento

Connect shoppers with products they want to buy. Sharing shopper intent data across your product discovery journey delivers 37% more revenue.

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Trusted by the world’s leading brands and retailers
Search & Product Discovery Platform

Search & Product Discovery
Revolutionize your Magento technology stack

Connect shoppers with products they want to buy. Using Klevu AI customer intent data across your search & product discovery journeys delivers unparalleled customer experience and significantly improves conversion rate and revenue.

The most advanced search & product discovery platform for Magento

Site Search
AI-powered search engine for Magento

Generate more search-led revenue with the most advanced ecommerce search underpinned by NLP and machine learning.

Category Merchandising
Merchandise your Magento categories better

Easy-to-use interface for your merchandising teams to automate and curate campaigns for category pages.

Product Recommendations
Inspire shoppers with your product recommendations

API and no-code solutions to display various strategies and page combine AI magic with precision curation.

Magento Connector
Easily integrate Klevu AI with your Magento – Adobe Commerce store

Connect Klevu product discovery power easily with our Magento Adobe plugin or build your own integration using our SDKs and APIs.


Create a better product recommendation experience with premium Klevu AI technology

Klevu AI is the most human-centric based AI, designed specifically for ecommerce, and one of the most comprehensive, included in Gartner’s Market Guide 2021 for Digital commerce search.

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Machine Learning

Clicks, purchases, and product reviews influence the AI to optimize results dynamically, driving more revenue automatically.

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Natural Language Processing

Your shoppers deserve the most advanced linguistic processing to help them find what they want on your website.

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Using clickstream, segmentation, and collaborative filtering, you can use Klevu to personalize even new and anonymous web visitors.

Product Discovery
Build wildly creative frontend experiences on Magento

Build any ecommerce experience and power discovery with Klevu AI. Robust APIs and documentation, Software development kits (SDKs) compatible with Hydrogen. Speed up headless API builds, reduce dependencies and improve the experience.

Best for B2B
Get a 15% conversion rate uplift with Klevu for B2B

Product discovery is just as important for B2B retailers because no matter what the query or the state of the product data is, the right products should be shown. Klevu automatically places these products to the right customers at the right times, including customer groups and pricing.

AI Search
Better than native Adobe live search

Klevu is an easy-to-implement, low maintenance, on-site search tool that has the most advanced ecommerce AI available. Klevu’s machine learning abilities develop an ongoing understanding of how your customers are engaging with the your website.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing
Test merchandising strategies on your Magento category pages

Klevu’s A/B and multivariate testing tools for merchandising make it easy to decide what works best for your shoppers on your category and collection pages. You can even test out Klevu AI versus manual and other merchandising rules.

Multilingual Search Capabilities
Localize at scale with Klevu’s multilingual capabilities

Klevu uses advanced natural language processing and localized machine learning to determine what shoppers want in almost any language. Those language and cultural preferences are nuanced and impossible to get right with manual merchandising. Klevu AI automatically learns from local shoppers to display products most likely to convert specifically in each region.

Case Study: Soak & Sleep
Soak&Sleep increases AOV by 11%

Case Study: Benuto
Benuta Had a Surge in Search Led Revenue Within 2 Months

Case Study: Paul Smith
Paul Smith increased revenue from search, and ecommerce conversion rate with Klevu

Paul Smith Klevu Case Study

Scale your online business with the best enterprise-grade software

Klevu has robust APIs and SDKs to help speed up the development of wildly creative open SaaS composable commerce experiences.

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Klevu is the most advanced AI product discovery technology in the MACH Alliance. We challenge how modern retailers, brands, and solution integrators think about headless architecture.

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Scalable, fast, and secure, Klevu offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, real-time status reporting, global data centers for failovers and load balancing, and dedicated infrastructure options.

Ecommerce Audit

Ecommerce Search & Discovery Audit
Uncover growth opportunities for your ecommerce business

  • Grow revenue with better search & product discovery
    Increase revenue per web session by 37% with Klevu Search & Product Discovery Platform.
  • Continuously optimize and drive growth faster
    Deliver relevant search & product discovery results with Klevu’s powerful and personable search, merchandising, and recommendation engine built exclusively for ecommerce.
  • Understand customers on every level
    With Klevu’s deep integrations with your ecommerce platform, our AI can understand nuances based on customer behavior and intentions which you can analyze.

Support Services
Technology that works and people that care

You don’t have to do it alone. Ensure you have a support team by your side that is highly responsive, knowledgeable and hard-working.

Support Services

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