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Kronans Apotek increases efficiency and simplifies their processes leading to 32% more revenue


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Like most industries, the pharmacy industry is becoming more and more digital. Kronans Apotek sought to meet their customer needs with the same quality digitally as in physical pharmacies via the first port of call: on-site search. The search function is the most common way that Kronans Apotek customers use to navigate the website so a self-learning, optimized search implementation was high on the agenda. Klevu’s open API combined with AI and NLP enriched search makes it possible for teams to self-manage internally to increase team bandwidth and exceed Kronans Apotek’s performance expectations.

Kronans Apotek has over 320 pharmacies throughout Sweden from Skåne in the south to Lapland in the north. They specialise in services and products in recipes, health and beauty. With a growing digital presence, Kronans and its agency found themselves having to outsource requests to their former on-site search provider, often waiting on support tickets and manually requesting basic search functionality to be updated by a developer. Seeking to maximise efficiency and simplify processes, Kronans searched for an automated on-site search tool that could be managed in house. “Before Klevu, we had no interface to work in and therefore could not work manually with the search. It made us ineffective and we couldn’t test things.” explains Daniel Larsson, E-commerce Content & SEO Manager at Kronans Apotek. “We also couldn’t fix searches fast enough. With Klevu, we already have more opportunities than before and in the long term we will develop the search even more, especially in terms of layout. The search function is the most common way that customers use to navigate our site. With a good search function, we can make customers’ buying experience as good as possible.”

Maximising impact and reach

By introducing boosts and deboosts in specific search terms and being able to manually add products to specific search terms, Kronans can optimize search performance, identify trends across campaigns and apply those learnings in realtime. Klevu helps customers find what they are looking for and makes the shopping experience easy and smooth.

A Scalable Solution

As time goes on Klevu will scale delivering more relevant and personalized results. Kronans look forward to directing customers within search to content pages in the future, which is good for customers who are looking for information about recipes or opening hours. By facilitating both the buying process and the opportunity to find information for the customer, Kronans are able to deliver stronger results, resulting in lower costs and a higher return on investment.

Team Satisfaction

“Everyone is happy that we have a search engine that we can work on manually and improve the search experience if needed. In addition, the search function is significantly faster than the one we had before. We like the tool and the opportunity to work on optimizing the search experience ourselves”- Daniel Larsson, E-commerce Content & SEO Manager at Kronans Apotek.

Competitive Advantage

Klevu is a core communication channel in Kronans Apotek’s digital transformation, helping customers find exactly what they are looking for.

“Klevu is all about personalization within search- it’s fast and really easy to work with. Our #1 goal is to communicate with customers. Especially now during the corona times it’s really important for us to deliver messages and optimize synonyms without relying on someone else to do it. We have seen more search traffic onsite since the outbreak. Our customers search a lot of alco- gel, paracetamol and so on so if we don’t have those kind of products it’s really important for us to be able to communicate why we don’t have them directly in the search results.”

Kronans Apotek Daniel Larsson
Daniel Larsson E-Commerce Content & SEO Manager at Kronans Apotek

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This case study showcases a few crucial features that enhanced Kronans Apotek’s product discovery journey. One of these features is the identification of “keywords with no result,” which enabled Kronans Apotek to gain insights into the search queries that their customers are making but not finding relevant results for. By utilizing this information, they are able to expand their product offering to meet customer demands, and stay ahead of their competition. Another valuable feature is Klevu’s “promotions” tool, which provides them with the ability to prioritize or de-prioritize certain products in search results, or even remove individual products that don’t belong in a particular search. This feature gave Kronans greater control over the products that their customers see and can help boost sales of specific products or product categories. Additionally, the “synonym management” feature allows Kronans to apply synonyms to guide searches to the most appropriate and relevant results. This can help to improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction by providing accurate and tailored search results.

  • 44% increase in sessions with search
  • 32% increase in search-led revenue
  • 33% increase in search transactions

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