Klevu has been positioned in the inaugural 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Search and Product Discovery

Klevu has been positioned in the inaugural 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Search and Product Discovery

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Online Home Shop: Driving Home Results with Personalised Search


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From bedding and towels to curtains and rugs, OHS is a one-stop online destination for home decor needs. As an exclusively online retailer, their ecommerce site must reflect their brand and provide a seamless shopping experience.

With rapid growth, OHS partnered with agency, Superb, leveraging their Magento expertise to enhance scalability and user experience. A key part of this journey was the implementation of Klevu, addressing crucial issues and supporting OHS’s expansion.

Prior to Klevu, OHS were using the Magento native search and had been since the conception of the site. Staff internally were querying why certain items they searched were returning zero or irrelevant results and they could only use hard redirects to try and solve this issue. OHS figured if they were having these issues themselves, then it was likely many customers were also struggling to find what they were looking for.

The native search was extremely basic and limited the team, for example if two terms were linked, the ecommerce team could not unlink them nor could they choose to link two terms together. From a merchandising perspective, the algorithm was also very basic, offering only simple customisation based on views and conversions. If the team wanted to add manual rules, they had to override the AI altogether and manually list products based on score value; a very time consuming task for the team.

Why Klevu?

As OHS were experiencing rapid growth and expanding its range of SKUs on the site, they were in need of a search provider they could trust.

Although OHS wanted to start with search, Klevu was appealing as it offered capabilities within the whole product discovery suite that OHS would be looking at for the future. To help with business change, OHS were also looking for a user friendly intuitive platform so the team could get up to speed quickly.

“Ease of use for Klevu is really high, I’d possibly give it a 10 out of 10 on that side. Even in comparison to what I’ve used previously, it’s better than those in terms of ease of use.”

OHS Gary Brook
Gary Brook Ecommerce & Trade Manager, Online Home Shop

OHS uses a centralised search bar with seasonal prompts, like ‘Black Friday,’ to guide shoppers to relevant deals. Product widgets within the search capture shopper attention, improving their shopping journey.

Klevu’s zero results found reports have been transformative. OHS now tracks terms with no results, helping them expand inventory in areas like socks, blinds, and bins. They also identify alternative search phrases, optimizing product listings.

By using Klevu’s JSV2, OHS can access the personalisation features that Klevu offers. This allows them to leverage real time website behaviour to shopper profiles and reorder items that best fit within typical preferences such as gender, category and price range.

For example with OHS, if a customer searches for ‘grey bed sheets’, then later returns to search and just searches for ‘bed sheets’ the grey sheets will be boosted as personalised search is recognising that the customer has previously had an interest in specifically grey bed sheets.


OHS overcame the manual challenges of their previous merchandising solution by adopting Klevu. Now, they can enhance products by attributes or pin specific items, letting Klevu’s AI handle the rest.

OHS also leverages Klevu’s A/B and multivariate testing tools. These tools allow testing up to 5 different category merchandising strategies with 40 tests at once, customizing traffic to determine the most effective approach. This has led to an 18% increase in item list clicks on category pages and a 3% decrease in page exits, presenting more relevant products to customers and boosting click-through rates.

The Future

OHS are looking to add banners to category pages using Klevu. This will allow them to call out any new products or showcase current deals to customers. They are also continuing to work closely with Superb on developing new Marketing and Media Channels and implementing new technology to extend their customer reach, increase customer loyalty and retention.

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