Calling all Devops and E-commerce Managers

Keen to know how to engage your customers with PWA? Or perhaps you are considering the cost-benefit analysis of implementing PWA into your own infrastructure? We have the answers.

Join JH and Klevu this February as we take a deep dive into PWA and explore the benefits this has for retailers.

Klevu partner JH

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) represent the next big step for commerce. By blending the flexibility of the open web with the functionality of native apps, they have the power to transform customer experiences and solve tricky business problems. The technology is ready to use today, and retailers have an opportunity to take a leap forward in their vertical.

In this webinar, we will lay out the multifaceted benefits, explore our own case studies, and share our thoughts on implementation.

PWA provides an exciting and powerful opportunity in the world of on-site search. As well as providing new and innovative ways to facilitate user searches, Klevu are also working on providing unprecedented flexibility when it comes to PWA search implementations.

Klevu will run through the key PWA opportunities for on-site search and what they are actively working on in their upcoming roadmap including push notifications and voice search.

They will also touch upon how you, the merchant can leverage Klevu’s product suite in order to increase customer conversion within the PWA space and provide an overall heightened user experience.


Joseph Russell
Joseph Russell
Head of Design

Joseph is the head of Design at JH, with more than a decade’s experience producing web and mobile projects for international brands, SMEs, and start-ups.

James Aindow
James Aindow
Solution Architect

James is a Solution Architect at Klevu with a broad range of technical and software architecture experience working for a variety of agencies and brands over the past 15 years.

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