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2022 Guide to Holiday Trading: 15 Essential Checklists for Success

This special Peak Edition of Discovered Magazine includes 15 checklists and insights over 57 pages to help you optimize your ecommerce operations this holiday, covering what to look out for, what success looks like, and what to do if stuff goes wrong.

What’s inside?

This 57-page guide features information about:

  • Last-minute tips to optimize product discovery for peak
  • Getting more shoppers past the buy button with one-click checkout
  • Tips for handling subscription
  • Omnichannel operations, the backbone of BFCM
  • Transform your returns into exchanges
  • How to answer customer questions in minutes, not days

Executive Summary

Every year, retailers are heavily focused on the holiday season because for most it contributes to a big portion of the annual revenue. During last year’s BFCM, retailers faced many changes in customer spending and shopping habits. This year, things will be different again.

Download this edition to work your way through some of the most used technology by millions of retailers globally and their checklists of what you must have in place for full optimization during peak season.

Table of Contents

  • Checklist 1: Search, merch and discovery
  • Checklist 2: Troubleshooting cloud hosting
  • Checklist 3: Tax and automation
  • Checklist 4: Omnichannel
  • Checklist 5: Marketing automation and SMS
  • Checklist 6: Reviews and user-generated content
  • Checklist 7: Loyalty and rewards
  • Checklist 8: Messenger marketing
  • Checklist 9: Subscription commerce
  • Checklist 10: Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)
  • Checklist 11: Warranty and product protection
  • Checklist 12: Checkout optimization
  • Checklist 13: Shipping
  • Checklist 14: Customer service
  • Checklist 15: Turning returns into exchanges

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