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Harnessing the Power of Omnichannel Ecommerce with Astrid & Miyu

What are the secrets of online excellence in luxury retail? Learn from Astrid & Miyu's digital transformation journey.

Best known for their signature ear stacks, and mission to be ‘more than just a jewellery brand’, Astrid & Miyu have been taking the jewellery market by storm.

With 15 stores across the UK and a boutique in New York offering piercing, welded bracelets, tattoos and engraving, Astrid and Miyu wanted to ensure their digital presence matched the charm of their physical stores and that online customers would still receive a smooth and unforgettable customer experience.

In this on-demand webinar, you will hear from, Rachel Powell Jones – Head of Ecommerce at Astrid & Miyu, Joe Trippett – Founder and Creative Director at By Association Only and Claudia Slutzkin – Senior Merchant Success Manager at Shopify. Discover how Astrid & Miyu has created a bespoke website experience on Shopify and how they have integrated multiple channels and platforms into a seamless, unified customer experience that drives sales with By Association Only expertise, Klevu on-site search and Loyalty Lion.

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Key learnings that are just a click away:

  • Learn how Astrid & Miyu emphasize the importance of a seamless omnichannel experience, where customers do not distinguish between online and offline interactions with the brand.
  • Explore the growing importance of AI in e-commerce, from chatbots to personalization and the need for businesses to experiment with these technologies to stay competitive.
  • Gain insights into Astrid & Miyu’s upcoming initiatives and how they plan to continue innovating in the luxury space.

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