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    Amazon autosuggestions !
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How do you count total number of records?

Total Records = No of products + CMS pages + category pages

  • All the enabled products with their visibility parameter set to Catalog, Search or Search Only are considered for indexing.
  • In case of configurable products, their associated products (even those individually invisible) are also indexed and counted separately towards the total number of records indexed.

Klevu maintains a separate index for each store view. Thus, if you have configured Klevu Search on 3 store views with 1000 records each, altogether the count would be 3000.

How do you count search terms?

Lets take an example

A consumer has searched for "golden ring".
Since Klevu Search is a "Search As You Type" technology, depending on how fast or slow a consumer was typing, it is possible that separate Ajax calls were fired to the Klevu servers for the following terms:

golden r
golden ri
golden rin
golden ring

We think, it is unfair if Klevu were to count every Ajax call as a separate query. Even though the Klevu Search servers would have responded with relevant results for every single Ajax call, we only consider it as one query for the term "golden ring".

Can I change the plan once chosen?

Yes, If you like to upgrade to a higher plan, it is treated as a new subscription. In such cases, we would calculate the unused amount of your existing subscription on pro-rata basis and credit the unused amount when charging you for the newly selected plan.

Downgrading to a lower plan, however, is not permitted during the subscription period. You can choose to downgrade your plan at the renewal of your subscription. Please let us know in at least 7 days in advance to avoid automatic collection of payment at the start of your next subscription duration.

What is Multi stores?

On the Magento platform, it means more than one store views.

What if I exceed limit (records, search terms) of my plan?

Unless explicitly specified or agreed in written, every Klevu Search plan has a limit on number of records it can index and number of query calls allowed to be fired to the Klevu servers.

The threshold is set to allow upto 10% more than the allocated records and query calls in your plan.

The limit on number of records is checked every 24 hours and the limit on number of queries checked every month. In the circumstances when any of these numbers are found to be exceeding the set thresholds, on two consecutive checks, the account is automatically upgraded to the next suitable plan. In this case, the customer will be informed via an email.

How can I subscribe?

For Magento 1, download the Klevu search extension from here. and follow the integration steps.

For Magento 2, download the Klevu search extension from github repository and follow the integration steps.

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