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commercetools is the leader in digital commerce and the inventor of headless commerce. Based in Munich, Germany, commercetools achieved unicorn status in 2021 and works with world-class companies including Lululemon, Sephora, LL Bean, and H&M.

commercetools & Klevu partnership

“Klevu’s recent MACH Alliance approval and our strategic partnership with commercetools are evidence of Klevu’s enterprise foundation. Solution integrators and retailers that use Klevu and commercetools together allow retailers to offer fully personalized front-end product discovery experiences supported by critical back-end functions in real-time,” said Nilay Oza, CEO, and Co-Founder of Klevu. “Those using the commercetools platform can now access Klevu’s advanced semantic language processing, and product ranking algorithm which helps ecommerce sites improve key metrics, such as increasing average order values, increasing margin, or improving conversion rates.”

Unlike other “garbage in garbage out” search technologies that simply index data already available in a product catalog, requiring people to manually configure the product discovery engine, Klevu’s machine learning capabilities enrich catalog data automatically, and develop an ongoing understanding of how shoppers are engaging with each front-end experience specifically to display select products in the order most likely to convert. Klevu AI expands its knowledge as it accumulates more information from purchases, clicks, and product ratings — giving the website the voice of the customer.

Christopher Holley, Global Director of ISV Partnerships at commercetools says, “I’m thrilled to welcome Klevu into the commercetools partner network. I am certain that solution integrators and merchants alike will enjoy testing the composable product discovery solutions that connect with commercetools. Legacy technology in product discovery is certainly behind us.”

Klevu is a headless ecommerce microservice that can replace on-site search, category merchandising, and product recommendations functionalities. Klevu is API-first, cloud-native, and headless architecture. Klevu’s new SDK optimizes conversion by connecting back-end ecommerce systems such as checkout, inventory control, and product information management, to front-end product displays shown in ways that drive sales.