Klevu has been positioned in the inaugural 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Search and Product Discovery

Klevu has been positioned in the inaugural 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Search and Product Discovery

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Fast Track: How Quick and Seamless Integrating Smart On-Site Search Is

E-commerce never sleeps — and sometimes it feels like e-commerce teams don’t either. Klevu is designed by people who know how intense this industry’s hustle can be, and how packed schedules can often lead to delays in getting the most from new solutions.

This article will guide you through the various ways in which Klevu is designed to save and even optimize your valuable time: from seamless integrations with low (or non-existent) dev requirements, to smart automations and superlative ongoing support.

If you’re unsure that you have the time to get up and running with Klevu, read on to be pleasantly surprised.

Just how quickly could you be up and running with a gold standard on-site search solution? Spoiler alert: Klevu makes it look easy (and it is).

On-Site Search and the Need for Speed

When building out your e-commerce stack, you need results, and you need them fast. As a platform-agnostic “plug and play” solution, Klevu is synonymous with speedy, tangible wins no matter where or what you’re selling. From snappy initial installations, to how quickly you’ll see impressive ROI, Klevu is an essential time-saver — for the brands that trust us, as well as their customers.

Great care has been taken to ensure that integration with your e-commerce platform of choice is a slick, pain-free process from the get-go. There’s no need to pick and choose components or build out your own solution meaning increased dev work and costs. Instead, you’re up, running and getting results right away.

Integration methods with the main contenders in the e-commerce marketplace vary from platform to platform, but the principles of simplicity, speed and satisfaction are echoed across all of our offerings. Custom platforms are also well catered for via our API, bringing freedom and flexibility to retailers who are keen to roll up their sleeves.

The potential of a truly intelligent on-site search — powered by machine learning, and with a rich array of features from Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automated catalog enrichment — is huge. At Klevu, we’re determined to bring these timesaving benefits to our customers with efficiency and ease.

Read on to discover how we’ve fostered strong relationships with several key platforms, and are dedicated to ongoing product development across the board.

Lightening the Dev Load: Magento 2

Magento integrations often require significant developer input — but not with Klevu. The “plug and play” integration on offer for Magento 2 means you can be up and running in under an hour. After a simple extension has been installed (either through Composer, manual metapackage installation or via the Magento Marketplace and your admin panel) the configuration wizard guides you seamlessly through set up.

Here’s another big efficiency gain for those using Magento — Klevu natively supports pricing and availability set against customer groups. This allows for special pricing and discounts which has proved extremely helpful for many of our B2B customers.

Theme preservation is another huge win. Simply check a box in your Magento admin panel and the appearance of your search results landing pages will flawlessly echo the other category pages on your store. It’s a mammoth time-saver in terms of development work, and means you’re up and running with a familiar UX experience right away.

Some of the biggest stores on the Magento platform use Klevu, and we’re proud of the slick, reliable integration we’ve built. We’re always delighted by the reaction of our customers when they realize just how quickly they can be up and running with a flawlessly mirrored page design.

If you’re platformed with Magento and looking to level up your on-site search, our support team are ready and waiting to put their extensive experience to great use, helping you.

Go With the Flow: Shopify and Shopify Plus

Shopify and Klevu share the same ethos when it comes to our approach to e-commerce. Let our intuitive, intelligent tech do the heavy lifting so you can work on, not for, your business.

As you’d expect from a platform as user-friendly as Shopify, integration with Klevu is almost effortless. A simple app installation directly from the Shopify App Store and you’re up and running in a matter of minutes, with direct dashboard access. The process is entirely code-free — no reliance on a developer to get things up and running. Once you’ve connected the app to your store, you can access the Klevu Merchant Centre from your Shopify admin panel.

Of course, the timesaving benefits of Klevu go far beyond the ease of installation. One of the biggest wins for busy teams leveraging the winning combination of Shopify Plus and Klevu is the connector for  Shopify Flow we’ve created. This links the power of our product directly into your platform workflows.

As soon as it’s installed, the triggers and actions built by Klevu will automatically appear in Shopify Flow. The app can then be used to set up a range of different helpful automations, from daily notifications about your top five search terms, to warnings when items that are proving popular via search are out of stock.

And here’s yet more relief for busy e-commerce teams. Klevu is designed to natively handle complex product queries. When working with variants in Shopify, Klevu can show the configurable product and then inherit the image of the most relevant simple product according to the search term used.

New Kid on the Block: BigCommerce

BigCommerce and Klevu partnered in 2019, offering sophisticated on-site search with speedy plug and play installation. We knew from our very first conversations with the platform that many of their existing apps required significant developer input to get up and running. Because of this, one-click, automated integration and seamless set up was our top priority from the very start of our build process.

If you install Klevu using our App then the Klevu Merchant Center is built right into your BigCommerce Admin Panel. When dealing with multiple apps day to day, management from a single admin is a huge time-saver.

Today, Klevu remains BigCommerce’s only on-site search solution powered by NLP technology. So, if you’re working on this platform and looking for an on-site search provider that will really free up your team’s bandwidth via powerful, intelligent automation, the choice is clear.

Klevu was designed to work in conjunction with all of BigCommerce’s most popular features such as multi-currency, advanced pricing, blog and content search. They’re seriously powerful, practical additions to your team’s tool belt.

Our developers have gone the extra mile so that yours don’t have to, with API v2 and v3, Stencil CLI theme bundling, webhooks, customer group product visibility, and B2B price lists all taken into account. You can read more about the development process here. And enabling these features from the BigCommerce Admin Panel is a straightforward case of pasting in handy JS snippets.

Everyone Welcome: Klevu And Other Platforms

The speediest Klevu integrations lie with the carefully selected partner platforms already explored in this article, but you can bring the power and productivity of our on-site search technology to any e-commerce store — regardless of size or platform.

Integration is still a simple process, if slightly more manual in the case of a custom job. To get up and running with Klevu on other platforms, simply prepare a feed, giving access to details of all the products visible on your website. This feed enables Klevu to index your data and keep our indices in sync with the products listed on your website.

Once this first step is completed, and you’ve signed up for your Klevu account, we will index your data and provide a short javascript to be integrated on your website. As soon as this JS has been integrated, you’re up and running! Powerful on-site search UI will be live on your site, and you can integrate your search results landing page right away.

Bring on the Benefits: How Quickly Things Start Working

So now you know that Klevu has been built with ease of installation at its heart, and getting things connected can take less than an hour. But after that, just how quickly does the magic of on-site search start working for you?

Our powerful machine learning algorithm is instantly active. This AI behemoth will continuously improve, becoming more accurate and effective over time. All the more reason not to put off installation a moment longer …

The algorithm constantly learns based on user interactions with each particular product (for example, the number of times a product is clicked). The display to customers takes these revisions into account on a weekly basis, so you’ll see regular changes in automatic product ranking.

Popular search suggestions take up to 48 hours to reflect the latest popular searches, and Klevu uses the last 30 days’ search terms to generate items suggested within popular searches. Of course, you’ll instantly be able to start manually adjusting and weighting products to boost them over set time periods, and experiment with custom landing pages right away!

Another instant improvement: automated catalog enrichment. Our huge bank of contextualized synonyms will be added to your store’s catalog in metadata format, meaning that your customers benefit from up to three times the depth and coverage of their search results.

We offer our free trial for a very good reason. The power of on-site search is proven, and we’re confident you’ll start seeing tangible, measurable benefits before the 14 days are up.

Above and Beyond: What Klevu Does to Help

Klevu is designed to be intuitive, reliable and effective right out of the box, and our support  team go above and beyond to make your implementation an enjoyable one. From the moment you book your demo expect friendly, experienced advice as we help guide you through the process.

During your demo, our experts will take time to clearly explain the wide range of capabilities and functionality that Klevu has to offer, applying them to your specific niche, and highlighting particular areas of opportunity. We work with thousands of happy customers across a broad range of businesses and verticals, so be assured that you’ll be getting tailored advice rooted in the successes of many who’ve gone before you.

Once your demo is completed and installation successfully managed, we’ll check in again to make sure you’re happy with your configuration, and are set to get maximum impact from your newly enhanced on-site search over the coming weeks. And when you’re ready to sign up to one of our paid plans, our customer success team will help you go from strength to strength.

In addition to making sure you’re fully supported during the trial and set up stage, we encourage our customers to make good use of our expansive partner network. This can prove invaluable should you need help finding fully vetted experts to work on extra design or development work.

On-Site Search is a Gift, and There’s No Time Like the Present

Getting Klevu securely installed to your platform of choice with ease has been a top priority throughout its development. With technology that’s this quick to integrate you start to see results in a matter of weeks as our machine learning works to progressively improve performance, and catalog enrichments are instantly applied to your store.

Our 14-day free trial has, time and time again, proven on-site search’s significant uplift on success metrics — and we love nothing more than seeing our customers surprised and delighted by the speed at which they start to see a real impact.

Adding to your tech stack is always a big decision, and one which we know needs to be backed by proven ROI. Regardless of your platform choice, we’d recommend checking out our client case studies to see the difference that Klevu has made. From a 200% uplift in search-led conversion rate, to more than 80% increase in search-generated revenue, the metrics speak for themselves.

To learn more about how you can optimize Klevu to boost sales, schedule a live demo.

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