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How to Leverage Klevu’s Content Search Feature

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How can you take your site’s shopping experience to the next level and build customer loyalty in 2020? The answer is simple: create an experience for your shoppers rooted in providing value, with Klevu’s Content Search feature.

Statista predicts that in 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide will buy goods and services online, up from 1.66 billion global digital buyers in 2016. As brands compete to win over consumers and stay ahead of the curve, it can be overwhelming for both shoppers and merchants. 

Because of this increased competition, customers have a new level of expectations — whether they realize it or not — for every brand they engage with. Everything from exceptional (and speedy) customer service to flexible payment options is under the lens.

As a result, merchants need to do all they can to stand out from the crowd and resonate with their customers in a way that keeps them coming back.

And it all starts with elevating your shopping experience.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how merchants can leverage Klevu’s Content Search feature to add value and create a richer shopping experience for their customers.

Introducing Klevu’s Content Search Feature

What if there was a way to elevate your customers’ shopping experience in a way that adds value?

Klevu’s Content Search feature takes a search query and serves up other relevant content — like blog posts, how-to articles, videos, and guides — from your site alongside product recommendations. It’s simple and quick to install

Let’s say a customer manages several warehouses and is looking for a new camera system. They could type in “camera” in SCW’s on-site search bar and see not only products that match the search but other informative content which adds value and positions the brand as a subject matter expert. 

Klevu Content Search 1

An educational blog post that helps customers determine what type of camera they need, or a video that walks through the specifics of a camera’s features, is content that propels customers forward in their search. It’s helpful at various stages of the buyer’s funnel but is especially helpful to customers in the consideration phase. 

Non-product content is especially helpful to customers who may be new to shopping for a particular item or who may feel overwhelmed by the options a product page presents. Content Search makes it easy for merchants to engage with their customers in a deeper way and provide resources that can help them in their buying journey. 

Let’s take a look at a few more ways merchants can leverage the Content Search feature. 

See Their Product Recommendations, and Raise it by Non-Product Content

Infusing shopping experiences with personalized recommendations based on data like shopping behavior, previous purchases and seasonality is an essential part of the new standard of online shopping.

Klevu’s personalized search technology shows customers products they’ve previously viewed, as well as trending searches that accelerate the buying journey. Our Content Search feature adds an extra dimension to the buying process and creates a richer shopping experience for customers. 

Take hair and beauty retailer, Chatters. When a customer searches for a product like “dry shampoo”, they see what they expect — product recommendations — but they also see blog post suggestions like “6 Ways to Use Dry Shampoo” and “Why You Need Blow Dry Cream.” This content helps customers discover products while educating them on how best to use them, what to look for in certain products or brands, and other useful information.

Klevu Content Search 2

Enhancing the customer’s shopping experience by showing them relevant non-product content that educates and adds value, helps create an unmatched shopping experience that amplifies the effect of personalized product recommendations.

Go Beyond “We Think You Might Like This”

Offering non-product content related to a search query also allows brands to show shoppers that they care, while increasing trust and brand authority.

Live Better With Cancer is a store selling thoughtful gifts for people to send their loved ones living with cancer. It uses Klevu’s Content Search feature to show customers inspirational or supportive non-product content related to what they’re searching for. 

If a customer searches for “hair loss” they’re met with the best product matches based on that query, of course. 

Klevu Content Search 3

But they’ll also see blog posts about how scalp cooling can slow down hair loss, fact and fiction about hair loss and cancer, and stories about survivors. This content puts products in context for shoppers and serves as an uplifting educational resource as well. 

Mobile-First Capabilities Ensure You’re Everywhere Your Clients Are

It should go without saying, but if your storefront isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re likely leaving money on the table.

That’s why Klevu’s Content Search feature is mobile-first, so you never have to worry about your on-the-go user experience.

Providing customers with mobile-optimized non-product content can educate them on a topic or serve as the final boost needed to make them feel confident in making a purchase, no matter what device they’re on. 

Final Thoughts…

In this day and age, it’s one thing to meet minimum expectations, but it’s another thing entirely to go above and beyond to deliver the best possible customer experience. 

Leveraging Klevu’s Content Search feature to add value can help move customers down the buyer’s funnel and boost conversions while strengthening confidence in your brand and customer loyalty.

To learn more about Klevu’s Content Search Feature and how you can implement it in your store experience, schedule a demo

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