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Klevu Announces New Partnership with BigCommerce to Provide Enterprise Search Capabilities to Retailers

by Klevu on

We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with BigCommerce, one of the top SaaS e-commerce platforms. We’ve developed and launched an on-site search app which will provide transformative search solutions for BigCommerce merchants. This leap is only available thanks to our partner and award-winning agency, Redstage

Keep reading to hear more about what to expect from Klevu.

Our app is customizable and enables merchants to choose a layout option for both the instant search interface and the results pages, making it easier to tailor your site and create the efficient search you’ve been hoping for. You can even apply your own CSS to take full control over the look and feel.

Right, that’s design sorted, now let’s reveal the other game-changing features available.

With support for BigCommerce features such as multi-currency, advanced pricing, blog and content search, Klevu is the perfect e-commerce solution.

We’re Predicting and Providing…

Klevu has a rich autocomplete feature, which gets to work from the moment a customer enters the 1st character. This provides insightful and intuitive suggestions, not only for products, but also expert how-to guides, customer service pages and even blog posts.

Klevu takes search one step further, adding relevant synonyms to your catalog in metadata format. This can result in 3x the depth and coverage of search results.

The app also has advanced AI integration, used in the self-learning search which delivers effective, accurate and instant results. With this, we ensure that your customers are steered towards content they want, as well as what they might not have realized they needed. 

Klevu’s Take On Analytics and Advertisements 

Klevu can access analytics to help you create precise SEO and promotional campaigns. The reliable and relevant data increases conversion rates and gives you complete visibility of pathways from search to shopping basket, to sale.

The app has Banner Ad, promoting in quick search, allowing you to associate banners with specific keywords, so that these are shown when the keywords are searched. This supports shoppers and makes their buying process more positive, encouraging them to make repeat purchases. 

Store owners are also offered advanced merchandising, so you can prioritize the products to be promoted. The power of promotion can now be in your hands! 

Nilay Oza, CEO of Klevu highlights the value of sustainable customer relationships and how smart on-site search helps to deliver this:

“With ever increasing product choices, shoppers need to find what they want, fast. For retailers, providing relevant discovery is key to building sustainable customer relationships with shoppers. Born global in Finland, Klevu’s unique positioning at the intersection of AI and NLP provides the most relevant discovery solution for thousands of online shops globally…

Nilay continues to explain how the launch of the BigCommerce app is helping e-commerce businesses to easily access extremely powerful technology to improve the UX of e-commerce stores: 

…With our launch of the BigCommerce app, we are bringing easier access to world class AI powered search technology, exclusively for retail, to retailers and partners on BigCommerce platform. We are on a journey with you as a retailer, partner or a shopper to make search the most relevant experience. BigCommerce launch is a very important juncture in this journey.” – Nilay Oza, CEO of Klevu. 

The CRO of Redstage shares Nilay’s excitement for Klevu’s BigCommerce app:

“We jumped at the opportunity to bring Klevu and BigCommerce together. With rich new features and analytics, Klevu’s BigCommerce application will deliver vastly improved user experience and intelligence. We can’t wait to share Klevu’s powerful AI-powered smart search with the BigCommerce community!”  –Hasan Elkomey, CRO of Redstage.

Klevu’s BigCommerce application is available starting today. For more information, visit: www.klevu.com/bigcommerce  or download our application, here: https://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/klevu-search/

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