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Personalization Wins: How These Companies Gained Brand Loyalty by Leveraging Klevu

by Klevu on

This article shines a spotlight on four Klevu brands leading the way when it comes to making the most of on-site search’s potential.

Read on to learn how to demystify search queries, turn zero results into a positive, harness the power of dynamic filters, and get your existing site content working harder for you.

By the end of the article, you’ll have four super smart ideas to take away, adapt and apply to your own stores. Enjoy!

On-site search can pack a truly impressive punch when it comes to boosting sales and conversions — find out how these brands are killing it.

It’s well known that e-commerce customers typically move through various stages of the buying journey when researching products. By the time they initiate an on-site search, their behavior suggests a strong intention to purchase — indeed, their likelihood of conversion is much higher than that of regular visitors.

That’s why merchants need to optimize their on-site search to provide exceptional customer experience and keep the experience frustration-free.

Read on to discover how four major brands are leveraging Klevu’s smart on-site search to get more sales across the line.

Skinnydip: Stripping the Complexity From Search Queries

According to Baymard Institute research, 70% of desktop e-commerce searches are unable to return relevant results for product-type synonyms, meaning users need to search using the exact same wording as the site.

Klevu’s natural language processing capabilities enable it to understand more complex search queries. It can add contextually relevant synonyms to your catalog, increasing the depth and scope of search results.

In the past, shoppers on Skinnydip’s website returned no results when they searched for AirPods — because before Apple released AirPods these types of headphones were known as earbuds. Using Klevu, Skinnydip created a synonym, ensuring customers found exactly what they were searching for from then on.

Missy Empire: Sassy Solutions to Fruitless Search Terms

Preventing your online store’s visitors from heading to a competitor’s site should be one of your top goals. But when their search queries don’t yield any results, they may feel they have no reason to stay.

Clothing retailer Missy Empire utilizes Klevu to tackle bounce rate. When a Missy Empire shopper’s query doesn’t bring up any results, the “no results found” page has a fully customized overlay.

It displays trending products to new customers and reminds returning shoppers of previous items they searched for, giving them more reason to continue browsing the site. A banner beneath the displayed products also serves as a URL redirect to encourage the user to browse more products.

There’s a great branding opportunity here, too. Missy Empire have made their captioning unique and use messaging that matches their brand’s voice, featuring phrases like “Sorry babe, we are not able to find…”

Manduka: Namaste on the Path to Conversion With Dynamic Filters

When online shoppers are browsing, well-organized category filters can have a huge impact on product discovery and sales.

Yoga brand Manduka customized Klevu’s unique dynamic filters, which sees all relevant filters automatically created in the search results.

This improved CX substantially. A shopper can now see the exact colors, size and price range of yoga mats without having to make any time-consuming extra clicks to move back and forth between products. The filters can also be on display the whole time — all thanks to Klevu’s AI-driven technology.

Brands don’t just benefit from optimizing on-site search for product discovery. Strong content is also vital — especially if it’s relevant and served up alongside what customers are searching for.

Nutrition brand Bulletproof leverages Klevu to display non-product content (such as blog posts) alongside product data in search results. It further attracts shoppers to this content by displaying image icons alongside the blog post titles. In this way, Bulletproof adds value, enriches its customers’ shopping experience, and provides resources that will help them in their buying journey.


E-commerce brands can’t afford to underwhelm their customers with a poor on-site search experience. Take a leaf out of these brands’ books and leverage Klevu’s smart features to reduce bounce rate and lift conversions.

To learn more about how you can optimize Klevu to boost sales, schedule a live demo.

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