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Driving 54% more revenue with a shiny omnichannel strategy


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Astrid & Miyu is a demi-luxury jewelry brand with a rich history. The company started 11 years ago, selling jewelry online from the founder’s kitchen. Fast forward to the present day, and they’ve grown exponentially with 16 physical stores and three online Shopify instances. In addition to offering exquisite jewelry, the brand focuses on providing an emotive and experiential retail element, ensuring each customer’s journey is memorable and unique.

Omnichannel Strategy for Astrid & Miyu

When Rachel, the head of e-commerce at Astrid & Miyu, joined the company, she focused on marrying the online and offline customer experience, creating a seamless omnichannel journey. The strategy involved integrating the design language, both online and in-store, making it feel like part of the same journey.

Partnering with By Association Only (BAO), a creative agency specializing in bespoke Shopify store design and build projects for luxury brands, Astrid & Miyu embarked on a complete revamp of their website. This wasn’t just an aesthetic overhaul, but a move to create a user-friendly, immersive, and flexible website. 

Key aspects included integrating Klevu search, loyalty, personalization of products, gifting, and creating a seamless flow throughout the sales funnel. The goal was to create an integrated, performant, and cohesive online presence that mirrored the brand’s offline experience.

Why Astrid & Miyu Chose Klevu

Head of Ecommerce for Astrid & Miyu, Rachel Powell-Jones, had used Klevu in her previous company and was aware of its capabilities and features. When they embarked on the Shopify 2.0 project, it was an opportune moment to elevate their search functionality.

The conversion rate on the Astrid & Miyu website from shoppers that used search was three to four times higher than non-search traffic, despite only a small percentage of traffic using this feature. This discovery underlined the importance of having a visible, responsive, and integrated search function on their website.

Given the importance of search for their customers, Astrid & Miyu chose Klevu for its advanced AI capabilities and the opportunity to create a custom, integrated aesthetic that felt like an extension of their site. BAO integrated Klevu using its JS template in order to build an entirely custom search experience with ease. 

The brand also aimed to provide a highly personalized customer experience. From curated pages for specific categories to providing related articles and blog posts for each product, Astrid & Miyu ensured the customer journey was highly tailored and engaging.

The team appreciated Klevu’s ability to adapt to their customers’ specific search habits. For example, the Astrid & Miyu team noticed that many customers preferred to use the search function, even for categories that were listed in the navigation. The BAO team built the search overlay to show collections instead of products to support that buying journey.

With Klevu, the Astrid & Miyu team could redirect common search keywords to curated landing pages and provide customers with relevant articles and blog posts alongside products, thereby enhancing the buying journey.

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Results with Shopify Plus and Klevu

The partnership between Astrid & Miyu, Shopify, BAO and Klevu has resulted in a seamless and highly engaging omnichannel customer experience. Klevu’s AI-powered search and discovery platform have played a crucial role in driving higher conversion rates and improving customer engagement for Astrid & Miyu.

Since implementing Klevu, Astrid & Miyu have seen a 54% increase in revenue via search. They’ve noticed enhanced customer engagement with blog articles and a significant boost in conversion rates. The integration of Klevu has also increased search engagement by 28%, proving the value of exposing search functions on both mobile and desktop interfaces.

Moreover, heat mapping tools like Clarity highlighted the high level of customer interaction with the search function, underscoring its importance in the overall site design and customer journey.

Astrid & Miyu’s partnership with Klevu has enhanced their online customer experience, improved conversion rates, and helped them create a seamless omnichannel strategy. Their success story underscores the importance of understanding customer behavior and implementing the right tools to meet those needs.

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