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Cox & Cox saw an +81% increase in search generated revenue


increase in search generated revenue


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Cox & Cox is a £15 million year homeware business based in Frome, Somerset with rapid growth at over 20% in revenue year on year. The product range covers furniture, mirrors, lighting, indoor living and seasonal with outdoors in spring/summer and Christmas products in Autumn/Winter.


Driving more revenue with on-site search

“When I joined Cox & Cox in Feb 2016, we were using native Magento search and this frequently delivered poor search results and offered no way of managing search results via promotion/demotion of results and no Synonyms management. As a quick win from previous experience, I knew that deploying a search provider would be bring in improved search results and increases in search revenue..

An online business with an omni-channel focus

“We are pure e-commerce as we don’t have any stores, but we do send out 9 mail order catalogues a year to drive website traffic and conversion.”

Cox & Cox on-site search Journey

Magento 1 native search – Up to August 2016
Magento 1 with hosted search (by SLI) upto August 2017
Magento 2 with hosted search (by SLI) up to March 2019
Magento 2 with intelligent search (by Klevu), live in April 2019

“As a growing online retail company, we face the challenge of keeping up-to-date with technology and other retailers websites and product range. Klevu has helped us meet those challenges and goals as a business. Klevu allowed us to launch a new site search design in a two month period and with strong AI we have let Klevu run to deliver search results.”

Cox & Cox Aynsley Peet
Aynsley Peet Head of E-Commerce at Cox & Cox

Merchant Spotlight

Challenges with existing on-site search | Hands-on experience from Aynsley Peet

Combining Klevu with an M2 re-platform

“We deployed SLI in August 2016 and we immediately saw an improvement in search revenue. At this same time we were looking at Magento 2 and as we were deploying a Magento 2 build with a new ERP system and a new Warehouse Management systems at the same time I kept SLI as continuity. As a business Cox & Cox were happy with SLI, but I was hearing good things about Klevu from our development agency and also from speaking to other retailers. I then planned to implement Klevu in Spring 2019 and we took the opportunity to deploy Klevu due to intelligent search and also took the opportunity to update search with UX and design in mind.”


Q: How long did it take to get up and running?
A: 2 months

Q: How have your team responded to Klevu?
A: From both a DTC to internal business perspective, we are pleased with the decision to move our search provider to Klevu. Everyone really likes the design and is impressed with the results. More of our customers are using search and we have improved our KPI’s

Q: How did the Dev/ VM teams find the onboarding process? Easy of use, pro’s etc.
A: Fairly easy from what I am told.

Q: How long did it take the Dev/ VM teams to implement?
A: 2 Months.

Q: Any difficulties in implementing the software?
A: No major issues.

Q: What made Klevu Search stand out against our competitors?
A: Price, Compelling features and reference clients. Good feedback from other Klevu clients with whom we spoke and a strong recommendation from our SI.

Q: What were you looking for from a provider?
A: Strong account management and a provider which is investing in technology. Key for us our case studies and reference calls. We like to see what other businesses are doing and then how can we improve.

Q: How was Klevu’s support?
A: Support was good during build and is very good now when we raise issues. But to be honest, very few support tickets now live.

Q: How did you find the Klevu Merchant Centre? How easy is it to navigate/ how useful are the support docs/ tips?
A: Easy to use and good training from our account manager. Documentation is also strong if you need help.

Search & Discovery Demo & Consultation
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Feature Focus

AI + NLP Powered Search that delivers accurate results

With Klevu, Cox & Cox are now able to index product and non-product content. Klevu learnt to display the most popular item in position 1 for the keyword “stools”-with no Cox & Cox intervention. As a business we prefer to let Klevu learn, but on occasions based on newness and stock we have the ability to amend results via a promotional or product rule.

Trending Products in the instant search overlay

Trending products as soon as customer interacts with search bar, we’ve enabled popular searches powered by Klevu for shopping inspiration. We find that if we put images in the search overlay it increases Click Through Rate (CTR).

Instagram Driving site-search

When we post on social media, the next day we frequently see the most popular terms are related to social media posts. We posted this product image on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/B2wgYusF8tX/ This Eucalyptus Sprays post had just under 3,000 likes and next day search data reported close to 300 related searches for product. We have a following of 200k insta followers + 100k facebook — We find that the next day search results directly relating to products, even though direct links are included in the product data we get 100’s searches next day.

Grow Product Range

Cox & Cox have a growing product range based on search data. Previously, Cox & Cox had 10 console tables, but could see users were searching a lot for console tables so we increased product range. On a revenue basis “console tables” is one of our top performing keywords. We also use this search data to help with marketing strategies for Paid Search and SEO.

Influencing Buying Strategy

Cox & Cox use no search results and search popularity of keywords to help inform buying team of potential new products and range demands. Examples of this in action are TV stands, Easter Products. As you can see here we may need to start selling Halloween Products!

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