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Global redefined the process of finding good quality furniture, connecting the designers and manufacturers of the furniture directly with consumers, lowering the cost to their customers.

Prior to introducing Klevu, were using the native search facility built into their existing ecommerce platform. As with many out-of-the-box solutions, it did not have the functionality needed to maximise results from search.

The application of AI machine learning and advanced NLP through integrating Klevu has resulted in an immediate improvement to the search console. The UX is better, with improved relevancy of search results – and as a result has seen an increase in conversions from search, as well as:

  • 10% increase in sessions with search
  • 5% increase in conversion Rate when using search
  • 12% decrease in search exits, meaning results were meaningful
  • 20% decrease in search refinements, meaning results were more relevant
  • 15% increase in result pages views per search
  • 15% increase in average search depth

“We saw that people using the search box were highly likely to convert and purchase and the opportunity to optimize our search functionality with Klevu. We found search represented a significant portion of revenue so it could have a decent size impact.”

Spencer Wong Head of Digital,

This theory was proved out, with demonstrable improvements across sessions, conversion rates, search depth and search pages per session. An added benefit is an improved UI of search in the overlay and on the search results landing page via Open CSS. This assists consistent branding through-out the site and a seamless UX for the customer.

The results demonstrate the benefits of using Klevu over a standard inbuilt search solution from an out-of-the-box ecommerce platform.

Feature focus

Headless API

Klevu’s headless API makes it simple to customise the search facility based on the specific needs of

The benefits of NLP

Utlizing a solution with NLP means that can better serve their market of high intent, considered purchase buyers, with more relevant and accurate search results, presenting trending and personalized results.

The ecommerce team at have commented on the benefits of showing customers visually appealing content such as customisable banners for particular search terms, to highlight particular products.

Klevu’s machine learning algorithm and rich NLP takes search queries beyond keyword-based matching, delivering exactly what shoppers want and more. Find out more about the power of Klevu Smart Search.

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