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Discover the latest trends for fashion ecommerce: Fashion Lookbook

Boost your Home & Garden ecommerce strategy: Home, Garden & DIY Lookbook

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Peak Trading and Holiday Planning Edition

As we emerge from the tremors of the global pandemic that struck in 2020, there has been a noticeable shift in consumer behavior with a remarkable spike in online shopping.

What’s inside?

This 57-page guide features information about:

  • Last-minute tips to optimize product discovery for peak
  • Getting more shoppers past the buy button with one-click checkout
  • Tips for handling subscription
  • Omnichannel operations, the backbone of BFCM
  • Transform your returns into exchanges
  • How to answer customer questions in minutes, not days

This eBook includes every checklist of solutions needed to optimize your website during one of the busiest seasons of the year. If we learned anything from last year, one thing is that we should be prepared for early shopping, more orders, and the unexpected.

Executive Summary

A report from the U.S. Census Bureau showed an impressive 4.3% increase in ecommerce sales from Q1 to Q2 2021, setting a new record for the largest quarter-on-quarter rise ever seen.

This surge is predicted to persist for at least the next two years as shoppers continue to gravitate towards digital platforms for their holiday shopping needs due to its convenience and accessibility. To stay ahead of the competition and thrive amidst this new environment, businesses must take proactive steps to further improve their online presence and optimize user experience.

By providing customers with more detailed product information, relevant promotions and special offers, as well as secure payment options they can ensure they meet customer demands while still pushing forward their own business goals.

This year, it will be vital for businesses to have operations ready to handle increased demand and prioritize customers through personalized offerings— including  fulfillment, product discovery,  shipping and return policies,  optimizing the checkout page to  reduce abandonment, collecting  and showcasing online reviews, delighting customers with modern  loyalty programs and rewards, and  making customers feel understood with creative marketing strategies. Each stage of the buying journey offers an opportunity to create a great experience for online shoppers. 

Download this edition to work your way through some of the most used technology by millions of retailers globally and their checklists of what you must have in place for full optimization during peak season.

Table of Contents

  • Checklist 1: Search, merch and discovery
  • Checklist 2: Troubleshooting cloud hosting
  • Checklist 3: Tax and automation
  • Checklist 4: Omnichannel
  • Checklist 5: Marketing automation and SMS
  • Checklist 6: Reviews and user-generated content
  • Checklist 7: Loyalty and rewards
  • Checklist 8: Messenger marketing
  • Checklist 9: Subscription commerce
  • Checklist 10: Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)
  • Checklist 11: Warranty and product protection
  • Checklist 12: Checkout optimization
  • Checklist 13: Shipping
  • Checklist 14: Customer service
  • Checklist 15: Turning returns into exchanges

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