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Ranosys is a global software development company headquartered in Singapore with offices in the US, UK, UAE, and 3 India based delivery centers. Their core business is providing scalable, reliable and affordable eCommerce, Digital Transformation and Software Product Engineering to clients worldwide. Since 2008, our flexible delivery approaches and experienced consultants have delivered projects on time and on budget enabling us to become the technology partner of choice for many organizations across Middle East, Asia, Europe and the US.

Ranosys Technologies has been working in the eCommerce Industry for nearly 15 years. Throughout these years, his focus has always been on helping clients translate their business needs and ambitions into actionable digital evolution roadmaps, and to take part in designing effective solutions that teams would also enjoy using. 

With experience across Magento, Salesforce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and other platforms, and has worked on the merchants’ side as well as for agencies and platforms, his main task at Ranosys is to build and grow the European eCommerce division and help businesses understand and choose the right technology for their needs.

Interview with Maurizio Stella, Director of Commerce at Ranosys

Tell us about Ranosys and your role there.

Ranosys is a digital transformation technology company that has been delivering services around eCommerce and digital for 12 years now. Ranosys is headquartered in Singapore and is rapidly expanding, with offices in UAE, UK, US, India, and Singapore. With over 350 employees, our focus is on quality and cost-efficiency. Each department has many certified specialists and extensive experience in their areas of expertise.

With 200+ clients worldwide ranging from globally renowned brands to startups, we have built a model able to sustain all forms of companies all over the world.

My role in Ranosys is Director of Commerce and focuses mostly on the EMEA market, with exception of locations where we have dedicated offices, like UAE. Most of my time is spent with retailers, wholesalers, and distributors, to help them plan their digital roadmap and help design solutions that will help them achieve their goals. This said I’m backed up by a fantastic team of certified experts from all over the world that bring insights from other markets. Like me, there are others in Ranosys that do the same in their respective markets, and we collaborate on a daily basis to really bring the best value to all our clients globally.

Why did you choose to partner with Klevu?

Many of our clients have extensive catalogs and customers want to find products rapidly and with precision. People are becoming more accustomed to smart search tools, and predictive search, and most of all, they are expecting the ability to use natural language. In my view, Klevu is not a search tool, but rather, a finding tool, because it gets you to the right product, often before pressing the “search” button. 

How have you seen your client’s requirements for enhanced search and merchandising change over the years?

While up to a few years back, an eCommerce site would focus most of its attention on building a good product hierarchy and taxonomy, nowadays customers tend to explore products in a very diverse way. Yes, the menus are still very important, but if you know what you are looking for, browsing for the right category takes time, instead, search is the quickest way to get to the product. It’s now part of the experience and a search tool that does not find the right product, or that does not “understand” the user, created friction rather than improving the experience, so there has been a growing request to improve this functionality. This said custom coding search solutions are simply not efficient because solutions like Klevu have already done all the homework and are able to deliver better results, quicker, and more cost-effectively.

How do you envisage our global partnership driving merchant success?

In my mind, it’s a matter of delivering results. Ranosys is not here to custom code solutions when a solution is already in place, works, and is cost-effective. Together we can deliver more value to the client, leaving the client free to invest in custom code only where it actually makes a difference, for example, on features able to differentiate them from their competitors.

At the same time, there are maybe too many technology companies out there delivering parts of the overall solution and it’s super important to understand how these work in combination with each other, therefore, for us it’s fundamental to continuously scout the ecosystem, but to only partner with those companies that like Klevu, have nailed both the functionality, but also the experience.

Intelligent, empathic, personalised.