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30-60% of all ecommerce site revenue is generated by on-site searchers.

– BigCommerce, 2021

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Underpinned by innovative technology

Smart Search

Machine Learning

Consistently learn from your shoppers’ behavior based on queries, clicks and purchases to optimize search results.

Smart Search

Natural Language Processing

Give shoppers the ability to find products quickly based on the context and relevance of their search query.

Advanced Merchandising

Advanced Merchandising

Drag and drop products and create rules to merchandise product listing pages based on your business practices.



Study top-notch data to view complete visibility of your customers path from search to purchase.

Smart Search

Personalization Engine

Allows merchants to provide personalized experiences to new or returning shoppers without complicated segments or manual processes.

Fast time to value

BigCommerce retailers that enable Klevu’s advanced natural language processing and enhanced
autosuggestions have enjoyed

increase in search transactions
increase in total unique searches
reduction in search exits

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BigCommerce is fantastic, anyone can use it. Klevu means it is easy for a customer to come to our site and find what they are looking for with as few clicks and as minimal browsing as possible.

Neil Bruce,
Ecommerce Manager, Toolstop