Klevu has been positioned in the inaugural 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Search and Product Discovery

Klevu has been positioned in the inaugural 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Search and Product Discovery

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5 Improvements Klevu Makes To Every Search-Led Customer Journey

Customers who initiate a search-led journey are showing high intention to make a purchase. Learn about five ways Klevu has a positive impact on these purpose-driven product hunters.

Looking to enhance the UX of one your most profitable customer segments?

An exceptional customer experience is vital for online stores wanting to rise above their competition and see the very best results.

And central to this experience is the fluency and ease of a well-engineered customer journey. Every element of a browser’s pathway to conversion should be optimized for efficiency and intuitiveness.

As a result, on-site search has a huge role to play in the UX of your e-commerce store. This article will highlight five ways that a sophisticated on-site search solution can help add polish and finesse to your customers’ pathways to conversion.

1. Product Discovery at a Single Click

The moment a customer clicks into your (well-positioned, effectively designed) search bar, you can enhance the process of product discovery.

This first interaction with the search bar can trigger a quick search overlay. Before a single keystroke, the customer is immersed in your range and presented with options statistically likely to appeal.

You can employ various tactics here. Use the overlay to nurture spikes in product popularity with suggested search terms and trending items, or offer appealing product imagery, category page links or seasonal blog content to encourage deeper exploration of your content and catalog.

Your customer gets:

  • inspiration
  • guidance
  • a better product discovery experience

You get:

  • an opportunity to influence the very first stage of the buyer journey


2. The Ease and Accuracy of Autocomplete

With a huge upswing in mobile e-commerce (estimated to account for 45% of the US market by the end of 2020) anything retailers can do to reduce the number of keystrokes needed to bring customers to product pages should be welcomed.

Reducing the amount of input necessary has a huge role to play. By incorporating intelligent autocomplete into your on-site search experience, you cut down the time (and associated errors) it takes your customers to reach those all-important product pages.

It offers a much more supportive and intuitive UX pathway. And the frustration of mistyping or missing out on results as the result of a spelling error is drastically reduced.

Your customer gets:

  • a faster, less frustrating pathway to products

You get:

  • more successful search queries, thanks to reduced errors in terms used


3. Improved Comprehension of Their Search Term

Just as autocomplete can help create more successful search-led journeys by ensuring recognized terms are entered, using an on-site search solution with a high error tolerance can also help your customers find exactly what they need.

Improved search term comprehension for better user experience can go even further when NLP is leveraged to interpret user intent with even greater accuracy.

Additionally, be sure to partner with a solution that offers automated catalog enrichment, so your customers aren’t met with frustration and disappointment if they use a synonym your site can’t recognize.

Your customer gets:

  • the product they want, however they phrase their query

You get:

  • reassurance that you’re not missing sales due to a lack of search query comprehension


4. Better Results Relevance With Perfectly Merchandised Pages

You can also optimize the next important step in the customer journey: product selection.

Faced with a search results page, working with Klevu means you guarantee that it’s perfectly merchandised to give maximum appeal.

Machine learning and automation are the best way to make sure that every search-led journey brings customers to well-ordered results that are strategically ordered to boost chances of conversion.

Your customer gets: 

  • presented with the products that are statistically more likely to appeal to them
  • a more satisfying and intuitive user experience

You get:

  • assurance that your store is working hard for you at all times, reordering and perfecting each and every uniquely generated results page in real time


Another great way to improve UX is to provide customers with the tools for rapid, simple product selection. When presented with a page of search results, filters can be a great way of narrowing down their choices until the perfect item has been located.

Improve the experience by making sure only relevant filters are presented. Klevu’s dynamic filtering option means that filters with no bearing on the products returned by the search are omitted from the page.

The result is a less cluttered, cleaner results page that gives customers more efficient control of their buyer journey.

Your customer gets: 

  • less overwhelmed
  • reduced need for scrolling through endless irrelevant filter options on mobile devices
  • faster path to the perfect product

You get:

  • the benefits of easier product discovery and selection
  • A clean and clear pathway to conversion for highly motivated customers


Ready to Take Your Customer Journeys to the Next Level?

A sophisticated on-site search solution brings next-level UX benefits to e-commerce stores.

And the best bit? It’s a win-win situation. Retailers and customers alike benefit from more fluid customer journeys, with improved outcomes as the result of enhanced product discovery and selection.

Klevu offers a broad range of features all tailored to enhance user experience and send your conversions soaring.

To find out how Klevu could benefit your store, schedule an online demo.

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