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5 Ways to Earn Amazing ROI From the Moment You Install Klevu

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Choosing the right on-site search solution is just the beginning – here’s how to optimize Klevu for maximum ROI.

Now more than ever, every penny counts when it comes to investing in your e-commerce stack. Third-party apps like Klevu have a lot to offer when it comes to boosting conversion, but it’s vital your solutions are earning their keep, offering maximum ROI — and this means putting them to optimum use!

Read on to discover five ways you can get Klevu firing on all cylinders for your e-commerce store — boosting sales and growing that bottom line.

1. Take Full Advantage of Our New Features

Klevu is in a state of continuous improvement — we’re always developing innovative new ways to save our users time and money through the magic of on-site search.

As a result, our features list is always growing. A great example here is our intuitive, drag and drop landing page builder. A sure-fire win for conversion, it allows you to create super-targeted, campaign-focused pages in a matter of minutes. The tool has been specifically built in a way that makes it easy for those without any technical knowledge or development skills to design a great looking landing page, directly within the Klevu Merchant Center.

Biggest benefit: Great looking, AI-powered landing pages built by marketers with no technical experience, in a matter of minutes? All part of the Klevu service.

2. Get Smart With Rule-Based Merchandising

Another huge bonus with Klevu is our winning combo of automation and machine learning. When it comes to merchandising, it means a huge load can be lifted from our customers’ shoulders — manual merchandising can be all but eliminated. Sit back and enjoy search results pages perfectly optimized for maximum conversion.

But we recognize that no one knows your business as well as you do. There will always be times when you wish to apply that deep knowledge to manually override our AI and boost specific items, seasonal collections or promotions. Whether you need to shift a certain category of stock, or simply want to boost the products that deliver the highest profit margins, this is where our rule-based merchandising comes into play.

By applying set parameters to your catalog via Klevu, multiple products can be efficiently and effectively managed within your search results. And again, once you’ve gone in and set your specific rules, Klevu proves a fantastic timesaver.

Biggest benefit: Love the time-saving power of our algorithm’s automation, but keen to apply your own product knowledge to your merchandising? Klevu makes it easy.

3. Get Up Close and Ultra Personal

We know that personalization is a top priority for online retailers, and Klevu’s latest enhancement reflects this. We’ve just significantly extended our capacity for ultra-personalized on-site search, ensuring that your customers will get a shopping experience that’s completely unique, and tailored to them.

Data-driven and optimized to deliver a slick and seamless user journey, personalized on-site search keeps shoppers coming back for more. As a result of our intelligent algorithm, each visit informs and improves their results, meaning an experience that gets even more refined over time.

80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences, and on-site search targets a segment who are already showing high motivation towards making a purchase. By combining this strong intent with the personalized power of Klevu, you’re set up for conversion success.

Biggest benefit: Looking to take your unique customer experience to the next level? Klevu provides laser-focused customized curation, effortlessly.

4. Sharpen Up Your Promotional Campaigns

When Klevu is deployed to enhance your store, it comes with an added bonus: new streams of data. The best way to improve your metrics is to leverage every available insight into your customer behavior — and on-site search data can be incredibly valuable in this respect.

Klevu has been designed to give its customers fantastic access to the information generated by its use. In addition to a beautifully designed and intuitive dashboard, you’ll receive daily search reports via email, letting you know exactly what your customers are looking for.

How you use this data is up to you — there are endless opportunities. One of the most significant ways our customers benefit is through the edge this insight can give their SEO and promotional campaigns. You know not only what your customers are searching for, but the exact language that they’re tending to use to find it.

Klevu also integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics. This allows retailers to dig even deeper into how customers are interacting with on-site search, and apply this knowledge to further optimizing their store experience.

Biggest benefit: Want complete visibility of the path from search to purchase? Klevu helps you turn insight into action.

5. Boost Your Search-Led Journeys

Customers who engage with on-site search generate more revenue and have been shown to convert at twice the rate of those who don’t.

By making on-site search a more appealing prospect, Klevu has the capacity to increase the use of on-site search on your store — further optimizing the conversion rate of some of your most highly motivated customers.

When it comes to boosting the number of search-led journeys, our customers report seeing real lift with this metric. Oco Glasses put Klevu to work and measured a staggering 2039% increase in search-led sessions over a 12 month period. As a Shopify Plus merchant, they were up and running, installed and fully configured in under 3 hours.

Biggest benefit: Looking to enhance the experience of your most devoted shoppers? By choosing Klevu, you’re investing in one of your most valuable customer segments.

Ready to hit the ground running?

Klevu’s customers consistently report great ROI. Designed to provide powerful, intelligent on-site search right out of the box, and with speedy, hassle-free installation, the benefits start to accrue instantly.

All Klevu’s key features are designed to save your team precious time, while enhancing your customer experience. This adds up to happier customers, more efficient internal processes and boosted conversion.

Many of our customers are seeing significant uplift before the end of their free trial period. With no credit card required and absolutely no obligation to extend beyond the 14 day period, Klevu’s trial is risk and hassle-free.

Get up and running today (it can take less than an hour) to start applying these five tips, and see the impact that sophisticated on-site search could have on your store.

Ready to go? Schedule a demo today!

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