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Customer Spotlight: DOMU Brands

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With the rise of AI and data in our automated processes, it’s never been more important to make the switch from manual merchandising to a technology that learns the ins and outs of your shoppers. Marketing Manager, Amy Marks gets the low-down from the e-Commerce Manager of DOMU Brands, Laura Bradbury and how they make the most of on-site search to harness data and AI.

1. Hi Laura, thanks for joining us. Can you tell us more about DOMU and your role there? 

DOMU Brands is a UK-based company focused on delivering a broad range of functional, practical & innovative products. Our portfolio of lifestyle brands encompasses hundreds of much-loved products – but we still see ourselves as entrepreneurs. I am the E-Commerce Manager at DOMU and oversee www.vonhaus.com, www.vonshef.com, and www.beautify.co.uk

2. Why Klevu?

“We first used Klevu on our multi-brand site domu.co.uk to help improve the on-site search experience. Since October 2018 we have launched three Magento 2 websites and have onboarded Klevu on each site; www.beautify.co.uk, www.vonhaus.com, and www.vonshef.com 

Like many retailers, DOMU Brands face the challenge to service the ‘I want it now’ customers and striving to exceed their online shopping expectations. There is a need to provide relevant and accurate results throughout their whole website, especially with on-site search, and excel in an intuitive, seamless experience. We turned to Klevu for improving conversion with search and giving their customers exactly want they want via on-site search. They were also looking for an analytics focussed resource that could aid with other site improvements. 

We noticed that people who used the on-site search function had a much higher conversion rate than people who didn’t search so we anticipated big wins with a better search. 

3. What sort of results have you seen so far?

We’ve been using Klevu since January but I look for immediate results and we saw these results within the first 3 months of using Klevu. 

201% higher ecommerce conversion rate with search ( all devices)

185% lower bounce rate

254% longer avg. session duration

241% higher mobile conversion rate with search

(Stats from www.vonhaus.com

4. What value does Klevu bring to the DOMU sites? 

Klevu helps us to understand demand, deliver a better customer experience and optimise conversion through on-site search.  

Helps understand demand

Klevu helps us to understand the demand for products via keyword searches and quickly accurately presents us with data in the Klevu Admin Panel, within the Klevu Merchant Centre. We are also able to search for keywords within a specific time range, which is useful for awareness of spikes in certain search queries. 

Creates A Better Customer Experience

We have a plug-and-play integration between Klevu and our Magento platform meaning changes are updated in real-time. With machine learning our catalog and product order are continuously updated and optimised which gives us a competitive advantage over larger retailers. The search overlay is responsive and intuitive, which helps remove customer fatigue and showcase a wider product range as images are also served as you type. 

Generates Revenue and Conversion

The analytics dashboard breaks searches down by keyword, IP (within a 40-mile radius), and conversion. This provides us with the greater ability to interpret what the customer wants so that we are less likely to lose customers, gain insight into and get a better return on marketing spend. 

5. How do you use Klevu? Quick wins/ hacks for our community?

Content Banners 

  • Feature sought-after categories & products in imagery  
  • Top searched items influence product block selections


  • We boost items higher that are highly sought after
  • Out of stocks are removed from categories but visible in the search
  • Create redirects for service & content-based searches to improve UX
  • Recognises natural language
  • Popular searches and recent searches are shown as the search field is clicked.


  • We have an on-site weekly report that shares details of customers’ behaviour on-site, for example, if there is a demand on-site for a certain product maybe it’s worth featuring in an email
  • We also share spikes on an ad-hoc basis with channel managers so we can react to demand

6. How does DOMU Brands use Klevu data to connect with customers on-site and make sure content is relevant?

Monitor & replicate customer journey 

  • Create a consistent journey 
  • Check sources and what they have seen & clicked on before reaching the site to match the experience and show them the featured products 


  • Preview most popular searches
  • Added search with ‘no results’ banners that recommend shopping new in 
  • Added search with results CRO banners e.g banners promoting free delivery

Monitor Real-time reports

  • Check real-time results when there is a spike in concurrent users on-site 


  • Add results for zero search result terms so there is always a result for the customer
  • Push most-searched-for products more
  • Drop irrelevant products or out-of-stock items to the bottom of the search results page

7. What problems has Klevu solved? 

Increased search conversion

  • Visitors who use site search are twice as likely to convert than visitors who have not searched on-site

Better search experience (particularly on mobile)

  • Clear dropdown with images, titles & prices
  • Shows recent searches & popular searches

Lower exit rates

  • We are always accommodating that search offering
  • Creating results for search result search terms


  • Still available within search results but labeled as out of stock and merchandised at the bottom

8. Top 3 reasons for using Klevu?

  1. Improves mobile customer experience
  2. Increase the likelihood of someone converting with a search

Gives you great insight with minimal effort into what people are searching for on-site daily

9. Any final words?

“Klevu has really helped us enhance our customer experience on-site. The Klevu search engine uses algorithms to present customers with the products they actually want to see. It quickly serves customers with the products they want helping to create a frictionless shopping experience.” Laura Bradbury, ECommerce Manager at DOMU Brands

Thanks, Laura!

– Amy 

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