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Klevu Launches Advanced Integration with Klaviyo for Personalized, Omnichannel Ecommerce Experiences

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Klevu unveils advanced and function-rich integration linking search & personalization with Klaviyo. This integration is set to simplify complexity of personalization, and maximize ROI through data-driven omnichannel marketing.

Klevu, the leading AI search & merchandising platform for ecommerce, is thrilled to announce its latest advanced integration with Klaviyo, the company that powers smarter digital relationships.

Easily personalize your SMS campaigns in Klaviyo

Key Highlights:

  • Klevu’s AI-driven product discovery and Klaviyo integrate to simplify complex personalization in retail.
  • Integration empowers businesses to deliver personalized email and SMS campaigns, and elevates Klevu on-site product recommendations using segment information from Klaviyo.
  • Brands can easily activate the integration to immediately utilize the combined power of Klevu and Klaviyo.

When it comes to ecommerce, product discovery plays a pivotal role. Klevu’s AI-driven search capabilities simplify product discovery for shoppers on websites and apps. Using Klevu, retailers have achieved up to 8% site-wide and 16% search conversion rates. Klevu search data seamlessly integrates with Klaviyo, fueling dynamic flows in email and SMS campaigns.

What sets this integration apart is the hyper-personalization achievable through the combination of segmentation and Klevu’s one-to-one clickstream personalization. This allows Klevu and Klaviyo customers to get enterprise-level functionality across the two platforms. Retailers can now dynamically update their on-site product recommendations based on Klaviyo’s sophisticated customer segmentation, and show items that a particular customer segment is most likely to purchase.

In today’s fast-evolving ecommerce landscape, retailers are navigating the challenges of offering personalized experiences to customers, which has increasingly become more complex. Klevu and Klaviyo are aligned in their mission to simplify this task for retailers across multiple industry verticals, and share customers including renowned names such as Dr Barbara Sturm, Arighi Bianchi, 3 Bird Nest, Nuby, Room to Grow, Cambridge Satchel Company, Goodhood and Rarewaves.

The new integration between Klaviyo and Klevu does the following:

  • Sends Klevu Search data to Klaviyo – Turn on-site searches on a website into meaningful data to dynamically curate products in email and SMS, boosting campaign results. The Craft Company did this and their search abandonment flow in Klaviyo quickly became their top-performing flow, boasting a remarkable 76% click-to-conversion rate and increasing their revenue from email by 6%.
  • Sends Klaviyo segment data to Klevu Product Recommendations – Create product recommendations that dynamically change based on the segment a shopper is in Klaviyo, boosting website conversion. This means that whether you’re showing ‘Trending Products,’ ‘New Arrivals,’ or any other Klevu Recommendation types, the showcased items will be highly targeted and relevant to the segment the customer is in Klaviyo.

Merchants using Klevu and Klaviyo can craft incredibly individualized journeys that guide customers from personalized email/SMS campaigns right to a customized website experience. Activating the integration is a straightforward process, but the outcomes—enhanced customer engagement, improved conversion rates, and increased revenue—can be transformative.

“This level of intuitive, real-time personalization is more than just a ‘nice-to-have’; in today’s digital-first landscape, it’s a ‘must-have’ for any retailer looking to rise above the noise and truly connect with their customers in ways that are easy to achieve and maintain. We are proud to create such meaningful integrations with our key partners, like Klaviyo.” says Nilay Oza, CEO of Klevu.

“At Klaviyo, we are always focused on our customers,” said Rich Gardner, SVP of Worldwide Strategic Partnerships at Klaviyo. “Creating partnerships with platforms like Klevu allows our customers to grow their business by making it easy to create personalized experiences, at scale.”

This integration between Klevu and Klaviyo makes personalization at scale easy to achieve and maintain.

Activate this integration today to unlock new levels of personalization and customer engagement, schedule a demo.

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