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Say Hello to Simple, Speedy On-Site Search Customizations With Klevu’s New JavaScript Library

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On-site search has never been a “one size fits all” situation, but Klevu’s Javascript library brings a whole new level of flexibility to our feature-rich solution. Best of all, retailers hold the reins. We’ve handed over the keys, and the capacity for powerful customization is now fully available to your own development team. Interested to learn more about the ways in which your store can benefit? Read on…

Ready for a totally custom approach to your on-site search experience?

In today’s e-commerce landscape, and especially with the increasing popularity of headless integrations and PWAs, there’s an uptick in diversity of how search results should look, feel and function.

With the Klevu JavaScript Library (aka. JSv2), we’re giving e-commerce stores like you direct control over your customers’ Search and Category Navigation experience.

This short article highlights some of the benefits this new library has to offer.

1. Easier Customizations

Wouldn’t it be great if you could skip the back and forth of requests to the Klevu Support team when making customizations to the look and feel of your store?

By utilizing the Klevu JavaScript Library you can cut out the middleman. Your own development team can make the required changes there and then, tweaking and restyling to your heart’s content.

Klevu’s powerful AI will continue to ensure your pages remain perfectly (and automatically) merchandised, but you retain control over how your customers interact with the user interface of your store, as you finetune how it looks, feels and functions.

The Klevu JavaScript Library is platform-agnostic, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce or any other e-commerce platform. Your theme developers will be able to add Klevu’s features in a way that works for your own unique brand.

2. Faster Customizations

Waiting for the Klevu Support team to apply requested customizations to your store’s frontend? That’s now a thing of the past.

In the first iteration of the Klevu layout (aka JSv1), the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code was hosted by Klevu. In some cases, even the smallest layout changes would need to be applied by our Support and Customization team.

With the new Klevu JavaScript Library, the HTML, CSS and JavaScript assets are hosted within your own store’s theme. Your development team has direct access to apply changes to your Staging or Production environments, allowing you more freedom to experiment with the UI.

From minor layout tweaks to A/B testing major changes, your own team retains full control without the need to involve Klevu in those discussions or implementations.

3. Access to a Rich Set of Resources

Of course, we’re still here to help! While creating this community-driven, open-source library we wanted to give your developers access to a really valuable and flexible set of resources.

Our website includes a new Developer Portal with everything your team needs to know about using our API and JavaScript Library.

A repository of examples and tutorials is available to give your developers a head start. We created a Demo Store to showcase some of this functionality, so you can see it in action and even download the source code.

In case your developers get stuck or need some guidance, we created a Community Forum for their technical implementation questions. This is regularly monitored by our own developers, who are on standby to provide helpful code samples and suggestions.

And we’re not stopping there. We will continue to grow these areas, adding more tutorials and showcases to provide you with inspiration for improving the search experience for your customers.

Time to Get Exploring…

Have you ever felt limited by the frontend implementation of Klevu’s powerful functionality across your store, or had to wait longer than you would like for a customization?

Then it’s time to fire up the coffee machine, sit down with your dev team and discuss the potential that the new Klevu JavaScript Library holds for your own unique requirements.

Ready to go custom with the new Klevu JavaScript Library? Check out our Developer Portal today for all the information you need!

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