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The Best E-commerce Tools and Apps for Personalization

Today’s online shoppers expect personalization — an experience that is uniquely tailored to them. In this article, we offer a rundown of the most useful apps and approaches for implementing personalization in your e-commerce store. 

We explored the incredible benefits of personalization for your e-commerce business in our recent post. As 86% of customers say that personalization affects their purchase decision, it should be a mainstay of any marketing or sales strategy. 

But with an array of personalization solutions on the market, how do you know which are worth your time and money? 

We’ve searched out the best tools and apps that will help you deliver personalized experiences and see more customers completing their purchases and returning to your store. 

  • Analytics. By really knowing your customers you’ll increase the quality of personalization. Monitoring shopper behavior and preferences, and honing in on products’ performance before you introduce personalization will help you create highly relevant targeted offers. Trendify’s real-time monitoring and analytics can support this area. 
  • Listen up. Tweetdeck, Twitter’s own dashboard tool, allows e-commerce managers to monitor what people and customers are indirectly posting about their business. This tool helps you to keep on top of any complaints, track keyword mentions, and also check out what people are saying about your competition. Zendesk helps keep shoppers happy by integrating customer support so communication across channels is seamless and, of course, personalized. 
  • Evolve. Nosto’s team of phenomenal engineers, data scientists, and PHDs have been developing their technology and Intelligence Engine over the past 7 years. They analyze each customer’s buying behavior and tailor the shopping journey to suit the individual. As habits change, the services offered will inevitably also need to adapt. And Nosto is the go-to site for this process. 
  • Show off! Apps like YotPo help you leverage customer content. YotPo motivates shoppers to write on-site reviews and showcases ratings and testimonials to whoever visits your site. This can be time-consuming to do manually, so letting an AI-powered solution take the wheel allows you to focus on other tasks. 
  • Follow-up. Dotdigital can help you create personalized browse abandonment email campaigns and cart abandonment reminders. They provide creative automation services to deliver the best content to customers, at the best time. They also have specialist consultants to guide you through several areas of account management, which is always reassuring. 
  • Thank those who matter. Referral programs and loyalty rewards are invaluable for your e-commerce store’s repeat purchase rate. And in today’s market, you’ll want to use personalization to make your program fit consumer needs and wants. Experiment with the various personalization options and loyalty programs available at LoyaltyLion
  • Save time. BigCommerce can segment site visitors and personalize currency with its inbuilt converter. This means that wherever your shoppers are located, they won’t spend unnecessary time working out how much a product costs. 
  • Embrace AI. Klevu has integrated artificial intelligence into search — it continuously learns as customers interact with it in the store. It’s insightful autocomplete suggestions promote trending and recently viewed products, providing customers with a positive, personalized shopping experience. 

Smart e-commerce managers know that personalization is crucial for the success of their business — 48% of consumers spend more when their experience is personalized

The vast array of available approaches can be overwhelming — which is why we regularly analyze the effectiveness of new tools and share our favorites. Subscribe to Klevu Blog to stay updated on emerging technologies and the best personalization tools that will help you boost customer satisfaction … and your bottom line.

Looking for a proven, future-proof solution for your business? Klevu’s AI-driven search is ready to serve the customers of tomorrow, today. To learn how advanced search can revitalize your customer journey and boost sales, schedule a live demo.

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