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Discover the latest trends for fashion ecommerce: Fashion Lookbook

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London, 23 March 2023
A gathering of the brightest minds in product discovery

The first-ever product discovery community gathering, where you’ll join rebels, heros, and change makers in ecommerce to discuss the most impactful strategies to adopt, catch glimpses of what’s just over the horizon, and discover how to make your mark.

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A festival of discovery for ecommerce lovers, merchandisers, designers, marketers, strategists, developers, owners, rebels, and heroes.

Discovered is a product discovery community, organized by Klevu, featuring the brightest minds in ecommerce and product discovery. Discovered includes events, a podcast, media, and TV opportunities. This is the inaugural event. Don’t miss out!

What to Expect
Learn, mingle, and find what you’re searching for at a gathering like no other

Human and machine

Discover AI product discovery strategies that enhance human abilities and complement commerce goals.

Shopper revelations

Discover how psychology and human nature influence search and discovery behaviours, and how visionaries are creating value.

The horizon

Discover what matters about the future of product discovery, privacy, personalization, the metaverse, and more.

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A jam-packed festival of discovery

  • Registration and Networking Breakfast
    General admission registration and networking over coffee and breakfast
  • AI and Discovery: What’s Now, What’s Next?
    – Niraj Aswani (Klevu)
  • A/B Testing and CRO – A Lesson from Seasalt Cornwall
    – Jana Lindner and LJ Hazzard, (Seasalt Cornwall)
  • ☕️ BREAK
  • Unlocking the Potential of Personalisation
    – Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine), David Mannheim (Made with Intent), Rasmus Houlind (Author: Hello $FirstName), Gianfranco Cuzziol (Avon International)
  • 🍝 Lunch and Networking
    Farm-to-Table Organic Lunch
  • Discovering New Markets
    – Iris Schiefer(Bigcommerce), Gavin Williams (Creed), Diego Fria (Stussy), Josh Duggen (Vervaunt)
  • Customer Service Starts at the Digital Experience
    – Jo Causon (Institute of Customer Service)
  • Stories from the Front Line: Three Different Perspectives
    -Janis Thomas (Look Fabulous Forever), Mark Hammond (Heal’s), Yuvraj Singh (EPAM)
  • ☕️ BREAK
  • Accelerating composable commerce
    – Lee Longhurst (La Perla), Alex De Fusto (BigCommerce)
  • OpenAI in Action: Search & Chat
    – Nilay Oza (Klevu)
  • The Future of Discovery: Chat GPT, Open AI, Conversational Commerce
    – Nilay Oza (Klevu), Dom Selvon (E2X), Sophie Seaton (Underwaterpistol), Jakub Halva (Tom & Co)
  • Champagne Reception, Awards Ceremony, and Evening Party
  • Importance of Relevance in Search and Recommendations Usability
    – Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine)
  • Pushing the Boundaries: Gathering Requirements for Search & Discovery
    – George Linton (By Association Only), Pete Robertshaw (Space 48), Liam Quinn (Vervaunt), Rachel Doe (Klevu)
  • How to build product discovery experiences lightning fast with web components
    – Juha-Pekka Rajaniemi (Klevu)

ChatGPT, AI and conversational commerce

The psychology of search and product discovery

Stories from the front line: Merchandising for discovery

Live user testing cinema, and live shopper panel

Discovering new markets and crossing borders

Customer service starts at the digital experience

A gathering of the brightest minds in AI, ecommerce and product discovery.

The brightest minds in ecommerce discussing inspiring and helpful topics

Gianfranco Cuzziol

Gianfranco Cuzziol

Group Personalisation Head, Avon

Gianfranco leads global personalisation and CRM for Avon, and previously with brands like BMW, adidas, Disney and easyjet. With a first degree in Astrophysics, he enjoys explaining that engaging with customers in a relevant way need not be rocket science! 

Jo Causon

Jo Causon

CEO, Institute for Customer Service

Jo is adamant that there is good reason why businesses ranking in the top tiers of customer service are in similar good positions financially. Far from being simply transactional, Jo believes that good customer service and economic success are inextricably linked. 

David Mannheim

David Mannheim

Author, The Person in Personalisation

David is the author of ‘The Person in Personalisation’ and has conducted interviews with hundreds of retailers. David runs Made with Intent, previously founded User Conversion, which was acquired by Brainlabs. David is passionate about personalising, Disney, and Manchester United (sorry). 

Alexandra Rico-Lloyd

CEO, The Bike Club

Since launching in 2017, the Bike Club has grown to over 25,000 bikes; enabling families to get active and outdoors. As CEO, Alexandra and her team have turned a household staple into a product-as-a-service offering. 

Nilay Oza

CEO, Klevu

CEO and Co-founder Nilay Oza is an entrepreneur with expertise in developing innovative, machine-learning software. His passion is to make a difference through continuous learning driven software-led innovation.

Yuvraj Singh

Principle Consultant, EPAM

Yuvraj leads Business Consulting for CPG and Luxury clients in the EMEA region for EPAM. For more than 15 years he has been advising Retail and CPG leaders across the globe to envision and execute digital strategy

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman

Founder, Smashing Magazine

Vitaly loves beautiful content and does not give up easily. Co-founder of Smashing Magazine, a leading online magazine for designers and developers, Vitaly is the author, co-author and editor of all Smashing books and front-end/UX consultant. 

Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond

Ecommerce Director, Heal’s

Mark has worked in ecommerce for over 20-years, in a variety of verticals. Having built and led teams across all digital disciplines, he has a customer-first and data-led approach to all he does. Mark currently leads digital transformation at Heal’s. 

Martin Shaw

Martin Shaw

Director of Research, RetailX

Martin has run research at Internet Retailing and RetailX for over 10-years, a founding author of the IRTop 500 reports that evaluate the performance of retailers across the areas of customer, product, fulfilment, in-store, website and more.

LJ Hazzard

LJ Hazzard

Senior UX Designer, Seasalt Cornwall

LJ is a seasoned UX professional, having conducted extensive user research and testing to grow ecommerce brands, and create engaging user experiences that meet the needs of both the business and shoppers. 

Jana Lindner

Senior Digital Trading Manager, Seasalt

Jana has over a decade of experience driving performance and growth of ecommerce businesses. Prior to Seasalt, Jana managed international trade for Nisbets, where she honed her skills in merchandising and data-driven decision making.

Jakub Halva

Jakub Halva

Director of Operations, Tom & Co

Jakub Halva is one of those developers that was building headless websites before it was called headless. He’s a true pioneer of the modern web, and has blatantly refused to follow convention, in search of a better way. He is currently running operations at Tom & Co.

Janis Thomas

Janis Thomas

Director, Look Fabulous Forever

Janis has grown diverse brands from Birchbox to Playboy. She is now responsible for leading ecommerce and marketing at Look Fabulous Forever, the innovative DTC cosmetics and skincare brand designed to meet the needs of older women. 

Rasmus Houlind

Rasmus Houlind

Author, ‘Make it all about me’

With his book ‘Make it all about me’ and his upcoming book ‘Hello $FirstName’ Rasmus helps marketers globally strike the balance of making money from personalisation, and delighting customers long-term without over-investing.

Niraj Aswani

Niraj Aswani

Co-Founder and CTO, Klevu

Niraj has many years of experience in the field of semantic search and natural language processing. He leads the Klevu AI Lab and is one of the brains behind the core Klevu engine that powers millions of searches and recommendations every day.

Rob Boland

Rob Boland

Solution Architect, Klaviyo

Rob has genuine passion for technology and is famed for using technical solutions to empower mid-market brands to build personalised customer experiences, and enhance their e-commerce offerings.  

Rachel Tonner

Rachel Tonner

VP at Klevu & Managing Editor, Discovered

With 15 years of experience within ecommerce, retail, and UX, helping businesses identify and bridge experience gaps. Rachel’s blend of seemingly incongruous specialisms including music, journalism and design give her a unique perspective and fuel her curiousity. 

Dom Sevlon

Dom Sevlon

CTO, Apply Digital

Dom is dedicated to applying technology to the commerce and digital experience world and helping enterprises achieve success. A member of the MACH Alliance Executive board, Dom is also very experienced within cloud native and MACH communities.

Liam Quinn

Technical Director at Vervaunt

Liam has a wealth of Shopify Plus and general technical knowledge and experience, and has been working in ecommerce for over 10 years. Liam is focused on architecting technical solutions and also has a background of being a full-stack developer

Iris Shiefer

Large Enterprise AE, BigCommerce

Iris has a wealth of experience of ecommerce tech, having worked with Forrester, and now BigCommerce, helping enterprise retailers maximise their ecommerce and omnichannel potential. Iris is also a key member of the MACH Alliance Growth Council.

Claudia Ditri

Head of Partnerships, Klevu

Claudia is fluent in three languages, she has a Masters degree in Linguistics and Spanish. She is fascinated with Natural Language Processing and machine learning. She works with Klevu and partners to build unparalleled customer experiences for their clients.

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