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    The smartest search box for online store
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    Bring Wow to shopping experience
    Feature extraction
    Dynamic filters
    Dynamic price range
    Sorting options
    Relevant results
    Lightning fast search
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    Plug-n-play integration for any store
    Fast and easy integration is at the heart of klevu.
    Klevu is super easy to integrate on any platform. For Magento merchants,
    Klevu offers literally 2 min integration from Magento connect extension.
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    Automated trend mining
    Results are adjusted automatically based on
    search trends on your shop.
    Shoppers' search words are continuously learned by Klevu against what
    they click and see. Results are automatically adjusted to offer most relevant
    and intuitive shopping experience based on search trends on your shop.
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    Responsive search results

    Responsive layout


    Works on any device

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Klevu guarantees more search-led conversions on product views and sales.

Lightning fast search

Shoppers see instantly what they want.

Trend mining

Shoppers trends are always up in the results.

Intelligent boosting

Just select products you want to promote, no need to manually enter keywords.

Dynamic filters

Shoppers get excellent shopping experience.

Search as you type

Shoppers see results even with long keywords.

Actionable insights

Drive traffic by learning from shoppers' search patterns.


What clients say?

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"It's a smart search engine specifically built for e-commerces relying on analysis of semantics and what you could think of as an automated virtual dictionary"
"Klevu’s key competitive advantage is in self-learning behavior and ability to understand the natural language of shoppers."