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In-store search is the weakest link on most online shops. Klevu's mission is to make the most effective, highest quality, ecommerce site search solution in packages suited for online stores of all sizes and types.

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Klevu understands how shoppers search with the most advanced natural language, self-learning site search technology. We are working hard to help merchants worldwide improve the shopping experience on their site, and increase conversions and revenue.

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Kurt Theobald

"Klevu is an awesome site search solution in that it produces quality search results in a highly user-friendly interface at an affordable price for the SMB merchant. Additionally, it's easy to install and use, all of which make it a great fit for our target market. We are highly selective about what solutions we include in our core product for Magento, and Klevu was an easy choice."

- Kurt Theobald
CEO,  Nucleus Commerce

Solutions for every online store.

We believe that every eCommerce store, irrespective of its platform, size, and products should be able to provide a rewarding search experience for shoppers. Klevu site search for eCommerce can be easily integrated on any platform, and with a wide range of features at your disposal. Choose the site search package that best fits your requirements.

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Fast and simple integration is at the heart of Klevu. Our natural language smart search offers plug-n-play integration for major eCommerce ecosystems such as Magento and Shopify. If you are using any other platform or have a custom store, Klevu integration is still remarkably easy through full API stack and javascript integration.

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500+ merchants and top notch developers have put their faith in us. Klevu is already used in 20+ countries connecting millions of shoppers and products.

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