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Plug-n-play integration for Magento.

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Compatible with both Community and Enterprise editions.

Generate additional, incremental revenue via self-learning search

Intelligent, cloud-based search that improves the overall user experience and conversion rate through self-learning technology. Klevu provides fully merchandised search results via our own algorithm and customisation input from customers.

Automated catalog enrichment

Klevu adds contextually relevant synonyms to your catalog in meta data format. This enrichment of your catalog data can result in 3x the depth and coverage of search results.

Search results page in store's native theme

Klevu provides an option to show the search results page in the native theme of your store. It preserves your theme settings on search results page.


Klevu search supports your product promotions. You can also prioritize the search results based on product category and attributes.

Actionable search analytics

Klevu analytics help create razor sharp SEO and promotional campaigns. Concrete data helps increase conversion rates.

Key features

  • Automated catalog enrichment
  • Self-learning search
  • CMS and category directed search
  • Fully customizable
  • Actionable search insights
  • Search results page in store's native theme
  • Plug-n-play integration
  • Dynamic filters
  • Product promotions
  • Populates trending and popular searches
  • Synonym dictionary
  • URL redirect
  • Manage catalog rule price

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Loved by 1500+ retailers worldwide

1000+ merchants and top notch developers have put their faith in us.
Klevu is already used in 40+ countries connecting millions of shoppers and products.

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  • "It’s no exaggeration to say that with Klevu our site is 110% better. It’s so much faster and easier for our customers to find products and to explore our offering. Customers used to complain about our search, not anymore."

    Paul Serra

    - Paul Serra

  • "Klevu is an awesome site search solution in that it produces quality search results in a highly user-friendly interface at an affordable price for the SMB merchant. Additionally, it's easy to install and use, all of which make it a great fit for our target market. We are highly selective about what solutions we include in our core product for Magento, and Klevu was an easy choice."

    Kurt Theobald

    - Kurt Theobald
    CEO, Nucleus Commerce

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