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Feature release: Pinning and exclusion in Smart Recommendations

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Product recommendations are proven to positively drive engagement and boost sales. Klevu automates recommendations to make it super easy to recommend the right products to customers.

But what about those times when there is a strategic reason for recommending a particular product that might not appear through standard automated recommendations?

For example a gift card, or another particular product that you want to promote. Klevu can help with that too.

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Configuring product recommendations within the Klevu Merchant Center (KMC) means you have control over the product carousels as well as the product placement within the carousels. 

How to pin products in Smart Recommendations:

  • Find the category that you’d like a particular product to appear at the top of.
  • Click on edit, find the section titled “filter products” and click on “create rules”.
  • Select the category you wish to pin the product in.
  • Use the easy search to find the product you would like to pin.
  • Pin the product easily using the pinning icon.
  • You can reorder the position of the pinned product by dragging the products up or down.
  • After you save, when you go back to the storefront, you’ll see exactly the products you wanted to pin, in the exact order you have set up, overriding any automated recommendations. Easy peasy. 

You can also exclude certain products from appearing in product recommendations on some pages, while ensuring they appear on other pages following the steps below. Another option you have from this new interface is to pin or exclude from global recommendations banners.

If you have Smart Recommendations, and want help, please contact support or your Customer Success Manager.

If you don’t have Smart Recommendations yet, please schedule a demo

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