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How Dynamic Filters and Product Imagery Will Transform Your Online Store’s User Experience

by Klevu on

Is your search experience outdated and turning away customers? New search technologies can help you re-engage them…

The user experience of your online store can make or break your e-commerce business. A disjointed customer journey is frustrating for potential customers to engage with, and many visitors will turn away before ever reaching your shopping cart.

Fortunately, there are strategic ways to re-engage customers and win back missed sales. As an e-commerce business, your user experiences are delivered primarily on digital channels, so your sales and conversions will grow as the technology driving it progresses over time.

Harnessing these technologies can reinvigorate your entire customer experience.

Sharpen your competitive edge with better search

So what exactly are these revolutionizing technological changes? Well, thanks to advances in AI and the clever people at Klevu, you will discover a variety of these benefits by revamping one simple feature: the search bar.

Right now, dynamic filters and visual merchandising from Klevu have transformed search into an exciting and engaging step in the customer journey, and the capability of the humble search bar has grown exponentially.

What does this mean for your business? And how does it work?

Instant Search – the new visual autocomplete

When a potential customer types into your search bar, they might expect autocomplete to predict what they need. But, they don’t expect to see predicted search results visually displayed as a gallery of images, as they type, in real-time.

Klevu’s Instant Search feature eclipses their expectations by doing just that. Not only is it great for customers, but it significantly reduces the chance they’ll be disappointed, as they’re unlikely to ever stumble across the dreaded “no results”.

Because shoppers have an easier time navigating through the search results, they’ll find what they’re looking for faster. This will lead to higher click-through rates and more sales.

The power of smart filters

We’ve all used filters before. But those little drop-down menus? They’re old news.

At Klevu, we realized that the standard way of searching for products was needlessly complex. So we came up with a better way.

AI-driven dynamic filters automatically create the most relevant categories and display them to the customer, without leaving the search bar.

Smart filters allow shoppers to intuitively discover their next buy alongside the search bar without experiencing the annoyance of pop-ups or drop-downs layered over the products during navigation.

So, rather than having a separate box that hides the product listings behind it during navigation (a typical drop-down menu), products are always visually on display during search.

Not only does the AI driving search learn what customers want, but it also learns how to filter and categorize the results based on a range of metrics, becoming more personalized as you search.

But what does this feel like for customers?

Imagine looking for your new favorite pair of shoes. You go to your favorite online outlet and type “shoes” in the search bar.

There are many results, and you want to narrow down your search. You’re pleasantly surprised, because instead of seeing the usual boxes in a drop-down menu – Color, Size, & Price – the search already knows what size shoe you wear, and your favorite color. It’s also displayed them as selectable categories, without ever leaving the search bar.

That’s the power of advanced filtering: ultimate convenience at your customer’s fingertips.

Product imagery matters- a lot

Search results are an extension of your brand – it’s the place where many customers see your products for the first time – and the way they’re displayed can leave a great first impression or a bad one.

Klevu’s visual merchandising capabilities let online stores take full control over the look and feel of their site search and navigation. It’s a feature that allows the AI to work in accordance with your product branding and e-commerce brand strategy.

In short, Klevu gives you the power to choose what your shoppers see on the page – from customizing the visual search interface to match your brand to boosting promoted products further up the results – while still making sure that the first products shoppers see are meaningful to them.


These are just some of the ways you can transform your user experience with Klevu’s smarter search features. In practice, they add up to a seamless shopping experience that is truly unbeatable. When shoppers have a great user experience buying from your online store, you can be sure your e-commerce business will stand out from the competition.

If you’d like to find out more about these and other features, contact us and schedule a demo.

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