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  • Transform search data into revenue-boosting strategies
  • Dig deeper into search behavior than you can in Google Analytics
  • Your ultimate campaign console – maximize revenue on high-traffic days

Key metrics from search

Advanced Analytics Click Through Rate
Advanced Analytics Click Conversion Rate
Advanced Analytics Sales Conversion Rate

Monitor your key performance indicators

See your search click through rate, conversion rate, and sales through search and monitor performance as KPIs to report on and measure improvements as part of an optimization strategy.

Your control panel during major campaigns

See significant changes to click rate, search volume, and filter usage. In-built monitoring to ensure that your tracking integration is performing correctly.

Launch and monitor influencer campaigns

Monitor and track the impact of owned and earned influencer marketing. Monitor keyword campaigns for partnerships, and link up timestamps of posts to product searches on your website.

Live View

Trend watch in real-time

See the 10 most frequently clicked products and the 10 most frequently searched terms to help you measure the impact of your campaigns in real-time.

Direct resources to trending locations

Explore locations where search traffic is coming from in real-time and optimize your strategies to direct attention or resources to regionalized campaigns.

Word Graph

Craft captivating product descriptions

Explore top-searched terms to discover word combinations that shoppers are looking for. Build them into product copy that resonates with your shoppers.

Uncover high-intent keywords

Increase return on your ad spend by uncovering trending, high-intent short and longtail keywords and phrases to use in your ads or to support your SEO strategy.

Build powerful landing pages

Discover related keywords on your website and build out landing pages that contain complementary products, banners and promotions that shoppers want.

Discover new merchandising tactics

Make valuable connections between searched terms and use the data to merchandise. Boost certain complementary products within broader keyword searches.

Klevu AI explained through Word Graph:

A retailer identified that a specific brand of coconut oil was searched the most and realized that was why Klevu had automatically boosted these products. It also helped with their inventory management.

Filter Analysis

Improve the customer journey

Reduce click to purchase by reviewing Filter Analytics to discover more about your shoppers’ preferences.

Advanced Analytics Distribution of Filter Clicks

Ecommerce search filter analysis in action:

A fashion retailer identified that a certain filter was being clicked after landing on a category page 94% of the time. The merchandiser then boosted the items within that filter so that the items the shoppers wanted to see appeared towards the top of the product listing.

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