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A/B test of 1:1 personalization results in 22% boost to revenue for homeware brand


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Lights4Fun is a homewares business, offering a wide range of lights that transform your home, garden or event.

What started as a family business in 2003 is now an international operation with a team of 50. The Lights4Fun team are now growing their international presence, focusing on the US, France and Germany as key markets for expansion.

Lights4Fun moved from a custom platform to Shopify. This allowed the business to integrate tools such as Klevu, thereby improving search, alongside other functionalities. Since the move to Shopify and Klevu, Lights4Fun has experienced massive growth, expanded into new markets.

Lights4Fun ran an A/B test — testing the value of Klevu’s Personalization Engine, which deploys AI to personalize sessions for shoppers, identify trending and relevant products and automatically boosting them on a one-to-one level. The results are overwhelmingly positive for using one-to-one personalization in Klevu Smart Search results.

“One thing I love about Klevu is that we don’t have to do much manual intervention, it just runs itself. We get really good results without having to do too much work, which is great for us as we’re a rapidly growing business with a lot going on, so not having to worry about constantly optimizing is ideal. This has freed up time to focus on content production, CRO and essential growth.”

Lights4Fun Ella Carpenter
Ella Carpenter Campaigns Manager, Lights4Fun

Lights4Fun increased customer spend and overall revenue through introducing Klevu’s Search Personalisation Engine. Offering a really efficient search facility to your customers is an effective way to provide an excellent experience to your customers. As such, it makes sense to encourage customers to use the search function when visiting your online store. It’s for this reason that Lights4Fun is focused on highlighting the search facility on its site – particularly on mobile devices – making it really stand out to customers. 

The results demonstrate the benefits of using AI to personalize sessions for even new and anonymous shoppers, identify trending and relevant products and automatically boosting them.

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Lights4Fun lets Klevu’s Personalization Engine do the hard work, with minimal manual intervention needed: “It just runs itself.” This has freed up time to concentrate on content production, CRO and essential business growth.

Privacy and Personalization

A recent study from Salesforce found that 72% of consumers would stop buying from a company because of privacy concerns. Klevu offers shoppers fully private, fully personalized experiences, automatically combining the right products with the right audience, and continuously refreshing this data. Personalization is based on buyer behavior, not demographics.

A/B Testing one-to-one personalization in search results

The data tells the story: When one-to-one search personalization was introduced in an A/B split test, Lights4Fun saw improvements in number of transactions (10% uplift); revenue generated (22% uplift); and spend per session (10% uplift). These numbers demonstrate the power of effective one-to-one personalization in search.

Klevu Personalization is available for all solutions in the Klevu Discovery Suite including Smart SearchSmart Category Merchandising, and Smart Recommendations.

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