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Not your average ecommerce site search

Combine linguistics, machine learning, and deep learning to deliver more enticing search results to each individual user. Harness the power of real-time user intent and boost your customer’s ecommerce experience. Klevu AI is not priced for your average website, but we don’t power average websites.

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Key features

Klevu Smart Search is underpinned by deep research into Machine Learning and Linguistics. But, the best part?
It’s super easy to install and requires almost no maintenance to deliver phenomenal ROI

Self learning onsite search

site search

Klevu AI-powered Smart Search continuously learns from shoppers’ interactions with the online store and dynamically optimises results.

  • Future-ready search that is visually appealing – supports long tail and voice based search
  • Easy to install
  • Guaranteed positive ROI
  • Auto-promotes trending products
Smart search NLP

Natural language processing for
text and voice search

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is at the core of Klevu Smart Search. Using NLP, Klevu can identify nuances of spoken or typed language to identify shopper intent and searches all available product data to return only relevant results. Klevu NLP is available for many languages.

Error tolerance

Typos in search terms? No problem, Klevu will automatically handle typos and show relevant results.

Stop words

Klevu identifies and understands stop words to get to the heart of the buyer’s intent. (eg. “iphone case” vs “iphone with case”)


Understands what your shoppers mean even if they use verbs and adjectives in different grammatical forms.

Smart search catalogue enrichment

Automated product catalogue enrichment

Klevu automatically adds contextually relevant synonyms to the product catalog to enrich wider search coverage, usually by at least 2x in applicable Klevu NLP-powered languages. As a result of wider and deeper search coverage, shoppers are able to find products they are looking for even when search terms don’t match with the catalog data.


+2,039% sessions
with search

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Rich autocomplete

Rich autocomplete and relevant results

Klevu AI brings visually appealing results instantly, upon a click in the search box. Search-as-you-type utilises a fast and effective proprietary predictive technology. As soon as shoppers start typing, results dynamically change ensuring the most relevant products are shown.

Real time trends

Real-time trends and personalization

Klevu AI identifies trending products and personalises the session for shoppers, automatically boosting relevant products accordingly on search overlays and search results pages. If used in tandem with Klevu Smart Category Merchandising, category pages listing products can also be personalized to each shopper.

User experience

Delightful user experience

Klevu Smart Search is responsive by design. Using Klevu’s easy-to-select options, it is possible to instantly try different layout options of the search overlay. The design is fully customisable and extensible.

Dynamic filters

Dynamic filters

Dynamic filters on search overlay or search results pages are easy to configure, help shoppers navigate results, and help inform the AI of preferences as they browse.

Merchandising search result

Merchandising of search results

Balance AI magic and strategic control on search results pages. Smart Search can work without any manual intervention, but Klevu also empowers merchants to fine tune search results using easy-to-apply strategic rules set in the Klevu Merchant Center. Rules can be created to boost product ranking and prioritise products in certain categories or keywords.

Supercharge campaigns with

User experience

Keyword-based product promotion

Used to display certain products always on top in search results for specific search keywords. Useful when running social commerce or PR campaigns.

Dynamic filters

Banner Ads

Used for promotions in search overlay (search-as-you-type) and on search results page, allowing banners to be associated with specific keywords and show them when these keywords are searched.

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Soak and Sleep:
Search-led revenue across all
devices increased
Decreased bounce rate on
Increased search-led
Fastest cloud hosted catalog search

Fastest cloud hosted
catalog search

Shoppers want to see their desired products immediately. Klevu search delivers results virtually instantaneously, in just a few milliseconds.

CDN backed & 100% secure

CDN backed &
100% secure

CDN backed, Industry grade security. Pen-tested with exceptionally robust failovers in place, ensuring 99.99% uptime.

Seamless indexing

Seamless indexing

Be it through Klevu’s platform specific plugins, automated feed monitors, API stack or on-demand synchronization, our failure-agnostic and geographically redundant indexing ensures that data is always up-to-date in our indexes.

360-degree analytics

360-degree analytics

Klevu Analytics gives complete visibility of the path from search to purchase. Data is accessible from the Klevu Merchant Center, or daily emailed reports are available.

Fully supported

Fully supported

Klevu values the design principle of ease of use, always. Meaning that merchants can easily configure product rules and placements unassisted. If help is required, our friendly support team is available 24/7.

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