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Delight shoppers with
hyper-relevant product recommendations

Klevu Smart Recommendations is the only product recommendations tool that is powered by true shopper intent, from search. Say goodbye to generic recommendations and theoretical segmentation, and hello to Klevu AI product recommendations that display hyper-relevant product recommendations from day one out-of-the-box, improving further with each click, search query and purchase.

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Retailers who use Klevu Smart Recommendations
are seeing dramatic results

site-wide transactions increase
increase in ecommerce revenue
conversion rate from homepage

Key features

Product recommendations powered by search data helps merchants offer relevant and personal shopping experiences, improving customer experience site-wide.

Improve ecommerce customer experience

Improve ecommerce customer experience

Relevancy is most important when displaying product recommendations. By letting AI work using real-time shopper intent from site-search and browsing behavior, online retailers can create shopping experiences that convert and avoid shoppers getting stuck in a personalization filter bubble.

  • Quick ROI and time to value
  • Increase customer lifetime value and satisfaction
  • Add AI-driven cross-sell & up-sell opportunities
  • Improve conversion rates and reduce bounce rate
Improve ecommerce customer experience

34% of frequent shoppers are more likely to shop more if the website shows them products based on their past purchase history

– Adobe research, 2021

Site-wide product carousels
Site-wide product carousels

Site-wide product carousels

Show personalized product recommendations to shoppers on any page, and choose a variety of recommendation types including trending, new, highly-rated, and related to past purchase.

personalized and curated collection

Personalized and curated collection and category pages

Provide relevant recommendations to every shopper with levels of personalization determined by the context of the categories or search terms including similar products, handpicked products, promotional offers, categories or brands, and new arrivals on previously abandoned searches.

Personalized and curated collection and category pages
Encourage upsell on high-conversion pages
Encourage upsell on high-conversion pages

Encourage upsell on high-conversion pages

Include recommendations within product detail pages. These can include recommending alternative products or complimentary products, or both. In the checkout, offer related product recommendations to encourage up-sell.

Test and optimize

Test and optimize

Klevu provides merchants with the tools to A/B test Klevu Smart Recommendations against current product recommendations provider.



Merchants can control the look and feel of the product carousels as well as the placement and type of recommendation for each page type.

360-degree analytics

360-degree analytics

Klevu Analytics gives complete visibility of the path from search to purchase. Merchants can see all Klevu Smart Recommendations data within Google Analytics.

Dynamic filters

Fully supported

Klevu values the design principle of ease of use, always. Meaning that merchants can easily configure product recommendations unassisted. If help is required, our friendly support team is available 24/7.

Works on any platform

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Salesforce
  • Custom Platforms

Easy plug-n-play technology that starts working right away.

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